inCoach organizes a special event with the speaker who is the former president of ICF and Master Coach

In the upcoming event on May 20: “Thinking leadership – The key to creating sustainable change in organizations” organized by inCoach, there is also the appearance of a special guest, a monument in the field of innovation. Coaching – Ms. Janet M. Harvey, MCC – Master Certified Coach, CEO Invite Change, Former President of International Coach Federation – International Coach Federation – ICF, pioneering leader in the field of coaching and people development .

What is the biggest challenge for leaders today?

One of the hardest abilities to develop is to create a mindset shift. When leaders fail to express their emotions, the connection with themselves and with those around them gradually hardens. When leaders have a clear awareness of their intentions and thoughts, their actions lead to consistent results. Leaders who have a good connection with themselves will spread positive natural energy in the organization, supporting a psychologically safe working environment for the team.

Beliefs and attitudes are interrelated. Beliefs are formed from attitudes. Thinking is rooted in belief. Leaders with the right mindset, ability to see multiple dimensions are the most important resources to help create emotional presence, dare to connect in relationships in the organization, as well as create a patient attitude. Perseverance, ready to face change. The ideals that a leader aspires to are formed from the thoughts, feelings, and feelings about himself and the world.

Meet the leading experts in the field of coaching and people development

Ms. Janet M. Harvey graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Science with a major in Economics and a minor in Finance. In addition, she graduated with a Master of Social Science with a major in Human Resource Management and Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco. Ms. Janet is the Master Certified Coach (MCC) of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the President of ICF in 2012, and is currently the CEO of Invite Change – an organization specializing in coaching and coaching solutions and child development. people (

With over 30 years of executive management experience, Ms. Janet M. Harvey has helped many businesses grow strongly by:

– Let go of outdated habits and beliefs, which are obstacles to capacity expansion towards the long-term vision of the business.

– Develop strategies and plans for sustainable operation in terms of both financial and human resources.

– Promote the learning process in the organization, creating a positive impact in attracting and retaining talent.

Ms. Janet M. Harvey strongly believes that unlocking talent potential will maximize organizational performance.

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Ms. Janet M. Harvey – CEO Invite Change, former President of the International Coaching Federation ICF

Besides, with more than 12,000 hours of coaching, Ms. Janet and her clients have written admirable success stories: Tripled the size of the company in 14 months, granted FDA certification for new products in the past 14 months. In record time, the sales department exceeded its assigned sales 15 months ahead of schedule.

Special opportunity for leaders

Coming to this event, Ms. Janet will join with experts at inCoach to share about how leaders can connect with themselves, expand their own thinking and thereby spread positive thinking. within the organization, encouraging and supporting positive change to adapt to a changing world

The event is also an opportunity for coaches to learn how to work with themselves and their clients to help them become leaders of organizational change.

Practical and useful tools from Invite Change: Mindset Inventory – An online, ready-to-change mindset assessment tool that gives immediate results and helps coaches work with clients, plus a program in her book Janet M Harvey: Lesson from 2020, the year of no return will certainly bring effective applications for participants.

In recent years, coaching has been among the fastest growing industries. According to ICF (International Coaching Federation – a non-profit organization dedicated to professional coaches), the total revenue of this industry reached 2,356 (~ 2.4) billion USD in 2015. In 2019 reached 2,849 (~2.8 USD). ) billion USD, growing by about 21%.

With the context of multi-dimensional development of society, coaching is gradually becoming a trend chosen by many people from organizations to individuals to help them grow and overcome problems related to work. work, family, social relationships or many other things in life.


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