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Lan Phuong’s role in ‘Coming on a sunny day’ has many tragedies

The character Khanh (played by Lan Phuong) was trapped by her sister-in-law and let others raped her in “Thuong on a sunny day”.

The latest five episodes have a lot of content about Khanh’s character’s situation, revolving around conflicts with Mrs. Hien – mother-in-law (artist Lan Huong) – and Thuong – sister-in-law (Thu Ha). Khanh’s life was turned upside down when Mrs. Hien and her daughter moved in with them, often scrutinizing them, causing difficulties. She also faced a financial burden when her husband – Duc (Hong Dang) – invested in cryptocurrencies and was scammed more than 200 million VND.

Khanh lives in fatigue and intends to divorce. Seeing this, Thuong pretended to apologize for being one of the reasons why his wife and sister-in-law were in conflict. Thuong said that he had found a job and would move out on his own, and invited Khanh to have lunch one last time. Khanh was then drugged by her sister-in-law, taken to a motel, raped, and then informed her family to arrest at the battle. She panicked mentally, was criticized by her mother-in-law, Duc did not trust her. She had to call her sister for help.

Excerpt from episode 20 "Love the sunny day"

Excerpt from character Khanh being trapped in episode 20. Video: VFC

On forums and social networks discussing the film, many viewers said Khanh was a pitiful character. She has a not really perfect marriage when her husband has children, mother and sister-in-law are too much. Khanh was pregnant before getting married, so she was often yelled at and insulted by Mrs. Hien. She was repeatedly slandered, having to bear the debt of her husband and sister-in-law. Khanh often chooses to be patient to keep his family happy and seek help from his mother and sister.

Lan Phuong expresses the character’s mood and emotions through her voice and facial expressions. In the scene where Khanh was raped, she described it through a panicked expression, her lips tightly clenched in fear. When the character calls her sister for help, she portrays despair through her eyes and her constant shaking of her head. When Khanh gave her drugged test paper and explained everything to her husband but did not receive trust, she described it through wide eyes and stuttering.

Audience Thuy Thanh commented on YouTube: “Watching this episode, I cried because I loved Khanh when I met a harsh mother-in-law, a treacherous sister-in-law and a lowly husband. Lan Phuong acted really well, so much resentment, grievances, and pain appeared and changed on the screen. face”.

Lan Phuong said the character incarnation for a long time, so with the scene at the hotel, she easily portrayed the pain and tears. However, actors have difficulty maintaining true emotions when having to go back many times, at many different camera angles. At such times, she kept her focus, discussed with her co-stars to get emotions.

In the part where Khanh chats with her sister (Huen Lizzie) or gives a drugged test sheet to her husband, Lan Phuong easily gets emotional and acts. “That scene was only two people, not dominated by many characters, so it was easier,” she said.

Lan Phuong in the scene where the character gives evidence of being drugged to her husband.  Photo: VFC

Lan Phuong in the scene where the character gives evidence of being drugged to her husband. Image: VFC

Screenwriter Nguyen Thu Thuy said that Khanh is a common woman in life, has many problems, shortcomings and is struggling in arranging her life. However, the character loves two children and wants them to have a full family. The team wanted to dig deep into Khanh’s pain so that she could become strong, balance her life and have complete happiness. “The scene about Khanh’s fate, the screenwriter team wrote very emotional. Those were long, heavy pieces of frustration and when I worked on this period, I was also heavy-hearted, sometimes I wanted to go crazy,” the screenwriter wrote. .

Swirling deeply into Khanh’s character, Love the sunny day being criticized for getting heavier and heavier. The film revolves around the life of Mrs. Nga (artist Thanh Quy) and three children: Van Khanh, Van Trang (Huyen Lizzie), Et cetera (mystical gem). The first part mainly depicts motherhood through circumstances and contradictions in moderation. The duration is evenly distributed among the characters. However, in the latest 10 episodes, the content focuses on Khanh’s mother-in-law – daughter-in-law’s life with many outrageous details. The characters of Mrs. Nga, Van Van seem to “disappear”.

Most of the audience said they were inhibited and tired when watching the movie. Part of the audience said that the name of the work should be changed to “Living with mother-in-law part two.” Audience Mi Casa Annyeong commented on Facebook: “It’s too cool for a movie about motherhood to turn out like this. Going from a good movie in the first part, but in the second part, Ms. Nga does not have much land to act, the lovely character pair Van – Phong is lost. The director and screenwriter seem to only work hard to create dramas to make them hot online, so disappointed.” Comments received more than 2.3 thousand times of agreement.

The scriptwriter said that when building the character, the crew always accepts the audience’s comments, sympathy, anger, and criticism to think about the work and build the situation. However, the film project is still long with many new details. Thu Thuy wrote: “We want to exploit to the end, we want to solve all problems to the end, we want the characters to have a journey despite the bitter end, then the happiness they will receive later will be well worth it. worth”.

Trailer episode 21 'Love the sunny day'

Trailer “Love the sunny day” episode 21. Video: VFC

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