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Food prices jump, small traders are tired of waiting for customers

After the price of gasoline increased to nearly 30,000 VND/liter, many food items also increased, making consumers have to calculate more details when shopping.

On May 18, recorded at some traditional markets such as Ba Chieu (Binh Thanh District), Ben Thanh, Tan Dinh (District 1), Phu Lam (District 6), many small traders said, trading is increasingly sluggish. humidity since the commodity prices increase.

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Mrs. Muoi Hoa is sad because the price of goods has increased, customers come to the market to be more empty than before

Warmly welcoming when customers come to buy goods, Ms. Muoi Hoa (owner of stall 635, Ba Chieu market) said that the price of goods has increased, so customers coming to the market are now less and less empty. “From this morning to this afternoon, I only sold to 2 customers. The number of visitors has decreased by nearly 50%. In the past, there were about 20 people / day to buy goods, but now there are only about 10 people, even 4-5 people a day,” said Ms. Hoa.

According to Ms. Hoa, cooking oil is the commodity that jumps the most in price. Specifically, after Tet, the price has increased, but since the beginning of May, it has increased by 5,000 VND / liter. Cost of intersection is 45,000 VND/liter, retail price is 48,000 VND/liter; instant noodles increased by 20,000 VND/barrel, the current price is 220,000 VND/barrel; sugars, monosodium glutamate.

In order to retain customers, this nearly 70-year-old small business has no choice but to reduce profits. For example, before selling a bottle of cooking oil with a profit of 2,000 dong, now it only makes a profit of about 1,000 dong. Ms. Hoa also said that prices fluctuate erratically, but they are always up, but rarely down, which makes it even more difficult for small traders in the market to do business.

Also at Ba Chieu market, the stalls of pork, fruit, and clothes are also in dire straits. Mrs. Mai (the owner of the pork stall) sighed as she handed over the import paper, which now sells less than 2 pieces of pork. “The price of thin pork has increased to 89,000 VND/kg, but the retail price is still the same, but almost every day is empty because of the absence of customers. In 50 years of trading at the market, I have never seen the market so sad and empty as now,” said Mai.

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Although customers have started to return, Ben Thanh market (District 1) is still empty because many items increase in price according to gasoline.

At a small market near Ha Do apartment building (Go Vap district), Ms. Ngoc Ha (selling vegetables) said that for more than a week now, the price of every item has increased from 5,000 to 10,000 VND/kg. Popular vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, bok choy… previously retailed at 20,000-25,000 VND/kg, now up to 30,000-35,000/kg. Customers complained about buying less, so she didn’t dare to import a lot.

Specializing in importing country goods from Quang Nam’s hometown to Ho Chi Minh City to sell, Ms. Trang (Ba Hoa market, Tan Binh district) said, using the reason for the increase in gasoline prices, the garage has increased the fee from a week ago. Currently, each box has increased from 70,000 VND to 120,000 VND.

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The pork business area is empty of both sellers and buyers even during peak market hours

“Even though I want to sell goods at a good price to keep customers, I am forced to add this fee of 50,000 VND to the retail price, not to mention the wholesale price of imported goods has increased by at least 5,000-10,000 VND/kg. Currently, the retail price of vegetables, tubers, onions, garlic, rice cakes, wet cakes, etc. has increased from 10,000-15,000 VND/kg. Because the price is too high, the restaurant has to increase the price, so there are no customers, they also take less of their own goods, “- Ms. Trang explained.

On May 18, talking to the reporter of Tien Phong newspaper, Mrs. Do Thuy Hoa, Chairwoman of the Women’s Union of Ba Chieu market, said that many items fluctuated according to the price of gasoline, making the market more empty. “Small traders have tried many ways to keep customers such as reducing profits, selling even, giving more chili peppers and onions… to create joy for customers to come to the market. At the same time, the market management board also regularly campaigned. Small businesses list the right prices to support customers, find and introduce suppliers of affordable goods; support small businesses to get preferential loans to be able to import more goods for sale … “.

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A tea stall in the market that is normally crowded is now deserted

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Food business people do not increase the selling price to share with customers

At wholesale markets in Ho Chi Minh City, the amount of goods entering the night market is still stable. Specifically, the number of pigs to Hoc Mon wholesale market reached over 4,300 heads, equivalent to about 326 tons/day; the price of live pigs at livestock farms and households is from 57,000-60,000 VND/kg; The price of thin pig type 1 is about 76,000 VND/kg, type 2 is 68,000 VND/kg; Young ribs 130,000 VND/kg, bacon 105,000 VND/kg…

The representative of Thu Duc wholesale market informed that the amount of goods arriving at the market was abundant, vegetables and fruits reached over 1,900 tons, so there was no sudden price increase. Particularly, the price adjustment is higher than before, especially at small businesses and traditional markets, which is decided by the seller.

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