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Opening of the first “New Generation” Vincom Mega Mall Smart City in Vietnam

On April 28, 2022, Vincom Retail Joint Stock Company held the opening of Vincom Mega Mall Smart City (VMM Smart City) at Tay Mo, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi.

The opening ceremony of the first shopping mall to apply the “Life-Design Mall” model in Vietnam with the presence of singer Duc Phuc and a series of cultural and musical events promises to make this place a center of entertainment – The most unique shopping in the Capital.

Opening of the first
Vincom Mega Mall Smart City has a scale of up to 68,000m2 with the presence of major domestic and international brands.

Built according to the first “Life-Design Mall” model in Vietnam, Vincom Mega Mall Smart City is a “revolution” that elevates customer experience when modern technology is combined with natural indoor architecture. , along with world-class services integrated in a shopping mall for the first time. This shopping-entertainment “capital” has a scale of up to 68,000m2 with the presence of major domestic and international brands.

Opening of the first
Vincom Mega Mall Smart City – The first “Life-Design Mall” shopping center in Vietnam has officially opened, opening to welcome guests from the morning of April 28.

The space at VMM Smart City is invested with first-time technological imprints. The building uses Smart Lighting technology to move light to create a modern, impressive and outstanding exterior. Inside, VMM Smart City offers many unique experiences such as artistic water music performance at Rainbow Waterfall, the first indoor technology in Vietnam with a height of up to 14m, designed in 360 degrees with technology. Modern watercolor. Besides, the effect of ceiling lights moving along the “Starlight Avenue” promises to bring a unique colorful space.

Opening of the first
Singer Duc Phuc performed at the opening ceremony of Vincom Mega Mall Smart City.

Combined with modern technology is a clear natural space with an indoor river throughout the first floor. Along with 3 bridges connecting the two banks and “river view” stalls, right in the shopping mall, customers will enjoy Experience the vibrant and poetic space of a commercial port by the river.

Opening of the first
Vincom Mega Mall Smart City attracts a large number of customers to shop, play and experience right on the opening day.

Overcoming conventional entertainment models, VMM Smart City brings the leading entertainment complex in Vietnam with 1-0-2 services. Prominent can be mentioned VS Racing – an indoor mini F1 racecourse of more than 3,000m2 with the only real-size F1 car model in Vietnam; New style Karaoke Studio Okara version 4.0 with technological effects and the ability to share recordings to social networks instantly. In particular, Wolfoo City – the first and only amusement park that realizes the animated Wolfoo character in Vietnam with many creative experience zones; or the creative playground for children Kubo Nano and the amusement park Funny Games promises to be a paradise for children and young people in Hanoi. In addition, the first Sen Tai Thu inside the shopping center will bring a whole new style of health care and relaxation spa experiences.

Opening of the first
Vincom Mega Mall Smart City has marked a new development in the model of an experiential and connected shopping center in Vietnam.

In terms of shopping, Vincom Mega Mall Smart City has the presence of nearly 130 major domestic and international brands, promising to bring a new “all-in-one” experience in the West of the Capital. Typically, there are 03 supermarkets with a variety of high-class imported products Annam Gourmet with a wine lounge and the first exquisite European food stall in Hanoi; WinMart consumer supermarket with fresh products; Kohnan Japanese convenience store supermarket.

Customers coming to VMM Smart City will be able to explore the “food world” with the most popular names, such as famous Korean hot pot grill restaurants (Dookki, Daltable, Mr. Dakgalbi, Gui Gui…) ; international brand Mc Donalds “river view”; Vietnamese-flavored restaurants (Kien Minh fresh buffalo, Net Hue, Roll House, Beef hot pot with vinegar 88, Pho roll Huong Mai…) or coffee and dessert chains favored by young people (Koi Thé milk tea, TocoToco, ice cream) Milana, The Coffee House, Highlands Coffee, AHA coffee…).

In addition, VMM Smart City is also a shopping paradise when it comes to young fashion and cosmetic brands AMM, Determinant, HLA, Aristino, Fila, LYN, Converse, The Body Shop, The Faceshop, Cocolux, Sammishop, Beauty Box, OmiPharma… and destinations for golfers at Le Coq Sportif, Mipa Golf with 3D golf practice room, applying the latest Korean SG Golf technology and a luxurious cafe space in the store. Not only that, the shopping center also has a specialty village to promote and introduce the products of female businessmen in the capital, which will become a destination to discover traditional handicraft products.

Sharing on the occasion of the opening of the first new generation shopping mall, Ms. Tran Mai Hoa – General Director of Vincom Retail affirmed: “VMM Smart City is the pioneering step of the Vincom system when creating a destination to catch the trend of solutions. entertainment and shopping, bringing different and unique experiences to customers. The birth of this new generation Vincom is expected to create a fresh and positive wind to promote the breakthrough of the Vietnamese retail market in the new normal period.”

With the operation of Vincom Mega Mall Smart City – the 81st shopping center in the Vincom system, Vincom Retail has marked a new development step in the model of an experiential and connected shopping mall in Vietnam. The event also pioneered the opening of a shopping – entertainment – service destination to catch up with world consumption trends for the people of the Capital.


As a new stylish destination, Vincom Mega Mall Smart City offers a series of entertainment events for young people:

– From April 28 to May 1, 2022: An exciting event to experience with the world’s most popular dating app Tinder

– April 29, 2022: Experience appearing on a giant curved screen with FPT Camera|IQ in the event “Multi-style connection – Realizing the real” on Times Square at Vincom Mega Mall Smart City.

– April 30, 2022: Rapshow with Justatee, Phuong Ly, G-Ducky, My Anh, DJ Triple D

– From May 7 to May 21: Mini show series with young singers Sweet (May 7), Hoang Dung (May 14), Da Lab (May 21).

– Smart Passport style passport promotion program worth up to 1 million VND, combined with incentives, applicable to pay up to 50% of bills at the booths. In addition, thousands of shopping incentives from brands on the occasion of the grand opening will bring good shopping opportunities for customers with buy 1 get 1 free programs, up to 50% discount, gift vouchers for free to experience and enjoy. free golf experience…

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