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Livestream fortune telling – a popular service in Thailand

Picking 3 cards from the decks spread in front of her, Suthasinee Parnphiphat begins the session fortune telling livestream his direct. Online fortune telling in Thailand is no longer a spontaneous activity but is operated very professionally. Each livestream has a sound and light crew in charge, including a narrator MC.

Suthasinee shares with those who are watching live, mainly giving suggestions to answer questions about life or work. She said: “Before the translation, people used to read fortune-telling about love and relationships, but after the translation, there were more career questions. Each session I received about 80 questions about careers.”

Suthasinee is one of 7,000 online fortune-tellers on A Duang, an online fortune-telling app in Thailand. The application has witnessed a strong increase in the number of users, especially the younger generation. The online fortune-telling application A Duang currently has nearly half a million users, mainly aged 18-30.

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Mr. Kittikhun Yodrak – CEO of A Duang: “After the epidemic, our application has grown 4 to 5 times faster. In the past year alone, the number of users has increased by 70%. The young generation Today they can get most of the answers from the Internet, but for many people, fortune telling is simply a way to find reassurance.”

In Thailand, people are quite fond of fortune telling, from palmistry, or tarot cards. Of course, such fortune-telling is not certain to happen, but sometimes Thai people like to read fortune-telling not just because they want to know in advance what will happen.

Ms. Jom Khwan Luenglue – Member of the Thai Psychological Association said: “The stress for Thai people has existed since before and after COVID-19, it has reached its peak. There are people who can’t stand it. There’s more to it and because of that, they need someone to help relieve their stress. When you hear a fortune teller say: ‘You’ll be fine, in three months your life will be better.’ Ask someone to help relieve your anxiety. It is also a way to give mental first aid.”

It is estimated that the fortune-telling industry in Thailand has a turnover of about 5 billion baht, equivalent to 150 million USD per year.

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