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Moscow allows people over 40 to join the army, Canada imposes more sanctions on Russian oligarchs

Russia’s parliament on May 20 announced that it would consider a bill that would allow citizens over the age of 40 and foreigners over the age of 30 to register for military service in the country.

On the website of Russia’s lower house of parliament (the State Duma), authorities explain the move will allow the military to tap into the skills of older servicemen. The proposed bill also makes it easier for the military to mobilize civilian doctors, engineers and communications professionals.

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Russian soldiers march through Red Square in Moscow at a parade marking the 77th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. Photo: Reuters

“For the use of high-precision weapons, the operation of weapons and military equipment by highly qualified specialists is essential. Experience shows that soldiers become like that in their 40s. – 45”, explained on the website of the State Duma.

According to Reuters, Russia currently only allows citizens aged 18-40 and foreigners aged 18-30 to register for the first time to serve in the country’s army.

Western analysts believe the move is a sign of Moscow’s urgent need to strengthen its military offensive in Ukraine after suffering heavy losses of manpower and weapons up to date. 86th day of the war. Ukraine has essentially mobilized all of its adult males in efforts to resist Russian troops.

Jack Watling, an expert on ground combat at the British defense and security research organization RUSI, believes that the Russian military is running out of ground forces.

“Russia needs to stabilize its military units in Ukraine and create new ones if it wants to improve its position on the ground. This will be a slow and complicated process, but it can be sped up by mobilizing people with military skills and experience,” Watling said.

Canada deals new sanctions on Russian oligarchs

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The Canadian government on May 20 announced it would impose additional sanctions on financiers Russia as well as banning the export – import of luxury products from the country of birch in retaliation fight of Moscow in Ukraine.

Reuters quoted an official statement as saying that the new sanctions will affect 14 individuals, including financiers, their family members and some close associates of President Vladimir Putin.

The import ban will target Russian goods including alcoholic beverages, seafood and non-industrial diamonds, while the export ban will target luxury goods such as shoes and designer clothing. and jewelry.

Germany delivered the first 15 tanks to Ukraine in July

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German Gepard tank model. Photo: Reuters

On the same day, a spokesman for the German Ministry of Defense confirmed that Germany will deliver the first 15 Gepard tanks to Ukraine in July. German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht agreed to this in an online dialogue with people. Ukrainian counterpart Oleksii Reznikov.

In late April, Berlin announced for the first time that it would supply Kiev with heavy weapons, specifically the Gepard anti-aircraft tank, after critics accused the German government of delaying aid to the country. Eastern Europe.

Since then, Germany has also committed to provide 7 self-propelled guns to Kiev and started training the army Ukraine use these cannons.

According to a government source, the upcoming Gepard tanks will be supplied with “sufficient” ammunition.

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Russia fires senior commanders in Ukraine, sets up new bases in the west against NATOBritish intelligence said that Russia had fired senior commanders who were said to be “doing poorly” in the early stages of the military offensive in Ukraine.

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