Zhang Yixing was removed from the EXO group

Zhang Yixing has not announced his departure from EXO, but his information is no longer on the official list of members.

May 21, Sina news profile of Zhang Yixing (stage name Lay) has disappeared from SM Entertainment’s homepage.

The male singer was removed from the list of official members of EXO. According to SM Entertainment’s homepage, the EXO lineup only has 8 members.

This move comes after the star born in 1991 refused to renew his contract with SM Entertainment. Hit owner Honey announced leaving the management company in early April after 10 years of cooperation.

However, he is still active as an EXO member. Therefore, SM Entertainment’s removal of Truong Nghe Hung’s name from the group caused controversy.

The media suspects that the male singer is no longer related to SM Entertainment, as well as EXO, but has not been announced. Compared to SNSD, in case the artist leaves the company but has not left the group, the member list on the SM Entertainment homepage still displays all 8 names.

Zhang Yixing was removed from the group EXO-1
Zhang Yixing was removed from the EXO lineup. Photo: Sina.

Zhang Yixing was born in 1991. In 2008, he came to Korea after accepting an invitation to become an SM Entertainment trainee. In 2012, he debuted with EXO, taking the stage name Lay.

In 2015, Truong Nghe Hung started to develop his personal career in his hometown. Since 2017, he has not participated in any music promotion activities with EXO.

Therefore, the male idol is often criticized for deliberately neglecting group activities.

June 2021, Nghe Hung appeared in MV Don’t Fight The Feeling of the group. However, the male singer did not directly participate in filming the MV. Through CG, his image is forced and forced.

According to Sina, Zhang Yixing’s position is having a strong promotion after many years of returning to China to develop.

With a clean private life, a positive star image, constantly learning and striving in life and career, Nghe Hung is currently a sought-after artist in the entertainment field in the land of billions of people.

In addition to artistic activities, the male singer also trains young artists. In 2021, he founded the entertainment company Chromosome, becoming president at the age of 30.

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