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82-year-old woman received a university diploma

22/05/2022 18:19 GMT+7

An old woman from Maryland, USA fulfilled her childhood dream by passing the exam to receive a college diploma.

Mae Beale, 82 years old, is a much-loved, experienced practical nurse.
She has spent 40 years supporting the community through volunteering.

82-year-old woman received a university diploma
Mae Beale took a photo with her son on the day of receiving her university degree

When she was a nurse, she participated in organizing events for the agency and people thought that she had special abilities. After retiring, Mae Beale focused on planning her own business.

In her late 80s, she decided to return to school to study business management at the University of Maryland.

She wants to go back to study both to fulfill her childhood dream and to help develop her event business.

She shared: “I discovered that I had to keep studying and learning became my priority. I was like a turtle, slow and steady in the end would win.”

Beale’s dedication in every classroom pays off. She was shortlisted several times and graduated with honors, a great achievement for her.

On her 82nd birthday, she received a huge gift when she received her university diploma.

82-year-old woman received a university diploma
82-year-old woman received a university diploma

During her 4 years of study, she actively participated in student activities and was a member of the university’s advisory council.

Mae Beale shares that she has been fortunate throughout her career to have the support of her husband and son. “I tell everyone that whenever my husband allows me, I can do well. In any job, he is always supportive, motivating and my biggest motivation,” Mae Beale said.

Mae Beale’s husband passed away a few years ago, after that, her son was by her side supporting her in pursuing her dream.

Mae Beale replied in an interview that for those who are facing difficulties in life in general and facing barriers in pursuing higher education in particular, persevere in doing what makes you happy. , ‘heart’ sings.

“Show yourself, experiment with as many possibilities as you can because you never know what will happen next,” Mae Beale said.

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