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How massage helps lower blood pressure quickly when “boosting”

05/23/2022 07:43 GMT+7

High blood pressure is considered the culprit of sudden death and many other diseases. In Vietnam, 4 out of 10 people over the age of 25 have high blood pressure.

There are many different causes of high blood pressure such as overweight, obesity, diabetes, family history, bad habits: drinking alcohol, smoking, inactivity… There are many methods of treating high blood pressure. , in which modern medicine helps blood pressure return to normal, and Traditional Medicine helps alleviate symptoms.

Doctor CK II Huynh Tan Vu – Head of the day treatment unit, Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital 3, said that in traditional medicine there is no hypertension but the symptoms of hypertension. is a sign of prosperity.

In traditional medicine, there are remedies to help reduce the symptoms of high blood pressure such as yellow chrysanthemum flower, dandelion …

For example, chrysanthemum flower has a good therapeutic effect on patients with high blood pressure. The antihypertensive effect may be due to inhibition of the vasomotor reflex of central origin and to inhibition of adrenaline. At the same time, yellow chrysanthemum also works to increase capillary endurance. Daily dose of 8-16g, decoction form, used alone or in combination with other flavors.

How massage helps lower blood pressure quickly when “boosting”
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Vermicelli has the effect of lowering blood pressure mainly due to the active ingredient rhynchophyllin. The mechanism of action may be due to inhibition of the sympathetic nervous system, dilation of peripheral blood vessels. To treat hypertension, headache, dizziness, use 6-15g decoction daily. Note that if used in conjunction with other flavors, the form before them, when they are close to being able to put the sentence in.

For acupressure massage, it helps to temporarily improve high blood pressure. For example, your blood pressure is too high, you should rub behind the ear, pull the ear down to redden the ear to lower blood pressure. It has an immediate effect of lowering blood pressure by 10-20 mmhg while waiting for medication or going to the hospital to reduce the risk of stroke when blood pressure is too high.

Dr. Vu recommends that when you have high blood pressure, the patient should be examined by modern medicine, using Western medicine to control blood pressure. When blood pressure is stable but the patient still has headaches and dizziness, additional acupressure massage measures can be used to resolve the symptoms.

When acupressure should be pressed two acupoints temple and bahui, feng shui acupoints to improve and stabilize blood pressure and improve symptoms of high blood pressure. Acupressure massage needs about 20 minutes.

You massage your neck and ears, this is a very effective way to quickly lower blood pressure. All you need to do is find the first position just below the earlobe and then draw a line from this point to the second position in the middle of the neck.

Then, use your fingers to gently massage your neck along the defined line, 10 times on each side of the neck. Finally, from the earlobe, pull your finger forward about 0.5cm and then stop and gently massage in circles on both sides of the face for 1 minute.

When performing ways to lower blood pressure at home, Dr. Vu notes that you need to learn how to massage acupressure, not press yourself.

Dr. Vu also emphasized that reflexology massage should only be treated when there are symptoms and while there is no medicine. In the long term, it is still necessary to use Western medicine to lower blood pressure.

In addition, you should combine with the implementation of a strict diet for people with high blood pressure such as eating science, reducing salt to improve blood pressure.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle with reasonable rest, limit overwork, stress, and tension.

Regularly measure your blood pressure at home to see if your blood pressure is improving. If you do not see improvement, you need to see a specialist to examine and know what high blood pressure to take to lower it effectively.

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