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The ‘strange’ system of the US submarine washed up on the coast of Iceland

May 23, 2022 14:00 GMT+7

An American underwater sound monitoring system (SOSUS) was recently found on the coast of Iceland.

According to Avia.pro, this is one of the devices of the US Navy sonar system that has washed up on the coast, however, it is quite remarkable that such a system has not been used by the country for a while. It has been used for a long time, but it is clear that it has been used quite actively in recent times, probably to search for Russian submarines.

In the photos posted on social networks can be seen one of the devices of the SOSUS system. This system is fully automated and allows the user to track the appearance of submarines in the area and quickly transmit information to the command post.

The 'strange' system of the US submarine washed up on the coast of Iceland
An American underwater acoustic surveillance system washed up on the coast of Iceland. (Photo: Avia.pro)

As noted, despite the rust on the surface of the device being discovered, it is said to have been in service for quite some time, which raises some questions as to why the US military continues to do so. use such a system.

Previously, according to sources, SOSUS is an American underwater acoustic monitoring system for detecting and identifying submarines. However, it should be noted that SOSUS will only be deployed on such fronts as the GIUK pharynx (North Atlantic region) between Greenland, Iceland and Great Britain, along the North Cape-Medvezhy line, in the strait the Danish Sea and elsewhere.

These broadcast devices are networked with each other by a system of backbone and fiber cables. The devices are spaced between 50 and 100km apart and are linked to a signal-receiving and processing system aboard warships, research vessels, buoys, ground stations and even surveillance aircraft. The placement of sound wave transmitters is done by US military submarines in absolute secrecy.

The SOSUS system was developed in the 80s. SOSUS is located under the seabed east of the United States and is used to track Russian submarines from thousands of kilometers away as Russian submarines move from northern Norway to into the Atlantic Ocean. After the 80s, SOSUS has been improved in technology many times.

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