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Leaking Xinjiang files, China speaks out

Xinjiang file leak, China spoke up - Photo 1.

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China Wang Wenbin at a press conference on May 24 – Photo: China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On May 24, AFP news agency reported thousands of official photos and documents from the autonomous region Xinjiang of China has just been leaked. The researchers say they have “shed light on the violent methods” used here.

This profile was obtained by scholar Adrian Zenz, a member of a non-profit organization based in the US. They were released as the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet began her visit to Xinjiang.

The aforementioned archives and documents belong to the police, and an unnamed source hacked into official databases in Xinjiang to obtain them. The anonymous source then sent the photos and documents to scholar Zenz.

According to AFP, the documents contained an internal speech in 2017 by Mr. Chen Quanguo, a former official in Xinjiang. In it, Mr. Chen allegedly ordered the guards to use guns to kill anyone who tried to escape.

Meanwhile, more than 2,800 police photographs show people arrested in Xinjiang, including minors like Zeytunigul Ablehet (17) detained for listening to an unauthorized speech, and Bilal Qasim (16 years old).

Much of the above profile has been verified by various news organizations such as newspapers Le Monde (France). They also provide a glimpse into life inside detention facilities in Xinjiang.

However, at a press conference on May 24, when asked by a Bloomberg reporter about the above leak, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said:

“What you mentioned is the latest example of anti-Chinese forces smearing Xinjiang. It’s just a game similar to what they’ve done before.

The lies and rumors they spread cannot deceive the world. Nor can they conceal the fact that Xinjiang enjoys peace and stability, Xinjiang’s economy is thriving, and its people live and work in peace and contentment.”

The so-called vocational training centers in Xinjiang Autonomous Region was called by the Chinese press with the full name “Vocational Skills Education and Training Center”. The people brought here are “practitioners”.

Meanwhile, Western media have called these camps as political correction / re-education camps because they believe that these places hold Uighur minority prisoners. However, Beijing disagrees with such calling.

Activists say China has detained more than 1 million Uighurs and other Muslim minorities in this network of centers.

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