Describe your best friend, a girl with a model of a fairy princess

Many people expressed their admiration for this little girl’s agility.

Besides Math, Literature is also an important subject for students. Especially for elementary school children, writing practice helps them practice correct spelling, know how to make sentences, use words, increase their vocabulary as well as improve their ability to express themselves better.

However, because it is “practice to do”, often children will write in a very naive way, sometimes teachers and parents can only laugh after reading it.

Recently, social networks are passing on pictures of an essay by a primary school girl. Essay with the topic “Describe a friend you love”.

When receiving the request of the teacher, the elementary school girl carried the beauty prototype of Snow White to describe her best friend.

Describing a best friend, a baby girl always looks like a fairy princess-1

The text of the article is as follows: “I have a very close friend named Minh Hang. Your eyes are as black as longan. Your skin is as white as snow. Your hair is as black as ebony. Your lips are as red as lipstick. Every day, Hang and I often hang out together. go to school. I love you Minh Hang very much.”

After the post was shared, many people praised her quick wits pupilnodding in recognition that reading fairy tales is useful for the learning process.

In addition, many opinions suggest that the teacher should give more guidance to this child to observe and expand his vocabulary so that his work can be improved.

Some notable comments:

“This article is so lovely. It’s funny how you describe Snow White”;

“Surely the fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the story your parents read every night before going to bed or something”;

“My friend Minh Hang who reads this article will surely be delighted because she is described as a beautiful princess by you”;

“What an elementary school student, so cute”;

“She must be as pretty as Snow White because children can’t see anything like that, it’s so innocent.”

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