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Revealing the income of the silent “boss” behind the success of BTS

Time BTS debuted with the first song, they couldn’t become a star in one step because their management company is a small company, not a big guy. The members started their own stories with the company, creating a “picture” of stable development.

Unlike other companies that manage artists’ social media accounts, BTS members can directly interact with fans, and this gradually helps people understand the group better.

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Popular group BTS.

Starting from zero, “the babblers” won the “Top Social Artist” award at Billboard, it seems that the boys have gone through a very arduous journey to set foot on the rose-strewn road to the west. prior to.

BTS is a popular boy group in the world today. This is also one of the groups that have the power to make extremely “huge” money. The group derives its revenue from a wide range of resources from album music, world tours, documentaries, commercials, reality TV.

Not only BTS members, the management company of this group has also grown tremendously. Prominent among the silent people behind the success of BTS is Pdogg – music producer.

Revealing the income of the silent tycoon behind the success of BTS - Photo 2.

Music producer Pdogg always accompanies BTS.

Pdogg (real name Kang Hyo Won), a senior producer of Big Hit Music and the main producer of BTS is also one of the characters with a desirable income.

According to the Korea Herald, Pdogg is the second highest-paid figure in Korea, surpassing the earnings of top executives at LG, Samsung and Hyundai…

In 2021 alone, Pdogg earned 40.07 billion KRW, or 34.29 million USD. For BTS, the net worth is reported to be around $100 million by 2022.

Music producer Pdogg joined Big Hit in 2007, 6 years before BTS debuted. Before BTS formed, Pdogg composed songs on studio albums for 8Eight and solo artist Lim Jeong Hee.

Participating in music production for a long time, he has also received many important music awards in Korea.

The boys of BTS even called Pdogg “the eighth member of BTS”. And Pdogg told the Korea Herald, BTS is a “great musical companion” that he has been with for most of his life.

Both youth devoted to current music, Pdogg is busy preparing for BTS’s upcoming anthology album “Proof”. The album is said to offer an overview of the group’s nine-year career.

The talented producer once revealed that he and BTS will not rest on their laurels, but will work harder to create more quality music products. In the immediate future, on June 13, BTS will announce a special song for fans.

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