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The most greedy, miserly empress in Chinese history

Luu Ngoc Nuong born in Thanh An, Weizhou region in the late stage Tang DynastyFrom a young age, he followed his father to perform on the street to earn money to cover his life.

With beautiful beauty, Luu Ngoc Nuong became the concubine of Tan King Ly Ton Uc. Not long ago, she gave birth to her first son, Ly Ke Ngan, and relied on him to defeat other beauties in the palace, becoming the most pampered and loved by Ly Cun Uu.

The most greedy and stingy empress in Chinese history - Photo 1.

Luu Ngoc Nuong is famous and beautiful. Illustration

In 924 AD, Ly Cun Uu, after destroying the Later Liang Dynasty, founded the Later Tang Dynasty, and ordained Luu Ngoc Nuong as Queen, despite all the disobedience of the officials. After Luu Ngoc Nuong was made Empress, her father looked for her daughter. Not only did he not accept his father, Luu Ngoc Nuong also gave him a spanking and then kicked him out.

Holding the position of queen, Luu Ngoc Nuong became a powerful woman second only to the king. However, it is hard to believe that being a queen loves money so much that it is hard to imagine. She wanted to have a lot of money and wealth, so she let the palace maids and eunuchs go out to sell firewood and fruits at the market. When she could not sell, she forced people or mandarins to buy her goods to make money.

Not only that, Luu Ngoc Nuong also ordered the mandarins when preparing tributes to the king, they had to prepare an extra part for themselves.

In order to have gold, silver and jewels to give to Luu Ngoc Nuong, many mandarins plundered and exploited the people, making people’s lives increasingly miserable and complaining. Meanwhile, Luu Ngoc Nuong’s palace was full of wealth and gold coins were countless.

However, no matter how much, Luu Ngoc Nuong still did not find it enough. Despite being the empress of a country, she adopted Truong Toan Nghia of Ha Nam as her adoptive father because he was famous and rich. She repeatedly asked Truong Toan Nghia to give her gold and silver tribute. Becoming the empress’ adoptive father is the dream of many people, that’s why Truong Toan Nghia plundered all his possessions to meet Empress Liu’s request without complaining.

The most greedy, stingy empress in Chinese history - Photo 3.

Luu Ngoc Nuong became the richest person in the Later Tang Dynasty at that time despite the people still hungry and confused because of the constant war. Illustration.

Despite being so rich, Luu Ngoc Nuong is also very stingy and stingy, she has never spent a dime to help the country overcome riots or danger. In early 926 AD, the Weizhou army rioted, the prime minister begged the Emperor and Empress to take their own money to reward the generals.

When Luu Ngoc Nuong heard it, he became angry and prevented Duong Trang Tong from accepting the invitation. She even pushed her youngest son out in front of the mandarin and declared: “There is no demand for money. It is not as good as you selling the prince for money!”.

Although the prime minister was very angry, he could not do anything, finally had to leave. It was not until the riot grew bigger and could not be suppressed, that Luu Ngoc Nuong accepted to reward everyone with money. The soldiers took her money while cursing: “My wife and children all want to starve to death. Now, what’s the point of wanting to reward them?”

In the end, this money-loving queen also paid the price for her greed. After her husband’s death, Ly Tu Nguyen ascended the throne, imprisoned Luu Ngoc Nuong and forced her to commit suicide to atone for stealing money, leading to the country’s economic difficulties.

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