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How is Vuong Phu Man now “frozen boy” after 4 years?

In 2018, on Chinese social networks and then the whole world spread the image of an 8-year-old boy with his hair frozen white because of the cold snow. Behind the child are classmates laughing at his image.

It looks cute, but the story behind the “frozen boy” is very sad. I have just walked for about 1 hour, over 4.5 km in cold weather of minus 9 degrees Celsius to go to school. As a result, her hair was covered with snow, and her cheeks were flushed pink from the cold.

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The boy froze, his cheeks red as if frozen completely because of the cold

This poor boy, Vuong Phu Man, commonly known as Tieu Man, was 8 years old at the time and was in 3rd grade. Because that record cold day was the day of the final exam, despite the difficulties, he still had to work hard. going to school. The famous photo was taken by Tieu Man’s teacher himself and sent to the principal.

After suddenly becoming famous nationwide, reporters came to interview the boy and his story gained more and more people’s sympathy. Tieu Man and his sister live with their grandparents in an old, dilapidated house with very difficult circumstances. When I was a child, my mother left my hometown and my father also worked far away, only to visit once a year. Like every winter, in the bone-cold mountain, the boy and his family could only keep warm by burning wood.

photo 1 165381323375588730841

The old and dilapidated house where Tieu Man and his family lived


The only place Xiao Man can keep warm in the house

Tieu Man said that because he only has 3 clothes, in the winter, he always lacks clothes to wear. Even washing is difficult because the water has frozen, even washing can not dry quickly. Tieu Man’s hands are always numb, swollen and cold. However, the 8-year-old boy is still very optimistic, loves going to school and cherishes his dream of becoming a police officer in the future.

photo 3 16538132390941386711569

Hands swollen from cold all day of “frozen boy”

4 years after becoming a symbol of studious energy. Vuong Phu Man now has a much better new life. There have been many sponsors offered to help the boy and his family. I have A reputable local school accepts admission on a full scholarship. The boy’s father was also referred to work at a construction site with a good income and stay close to home to be closer to his children. The old school I attended also gave Phu Man some money 15,000 yuan (about more than 50 million VND) to help.

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The cute, studious boy suddenly received great attention thanks to a photo

After receiving the support of benefactors, the famous “frozen boy” family was able to build a new, more spacious house. Every day, Tieu Man only takes 10 minutes to walk to the school he attends.

photo 1 165381380482488673455

The family’s new home

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Picture of Tieu Man and his friends at the new school

Currently, the boy who loves to study makes the whole country admire every year he entered middle school. He always achieves very good results at school. The principal of Tieu Man said that the boy’s math scores were always in the top 3 of the class, the comprehensive scores of 5 subjects were in the top 5 of the class. Currently, I am also a class officer and always live in harmony with friends, loved by everyone.


A poor boy from the Chinese countryside changed his life thanks to the kindness of so many strangers

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