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My uncle is half a hand long, will he have a baby? BS reveals why Vietnamese men don’t worry too much about size

It is true that recently there has been a lot of information published about the “little boy” of Vietnamese men in the world’s smallest, which in my opinion is not accurate. The reason is that the body of Vietnamese men is smaller than that of other European countries, so when calculating relative to the size of the body, I think the “small penis” of Vietnamese men is not small but belongs to the top.

In addition, it is a mistake for people to compare the size of the genitals with the manliness of a man when having sex. Factors such as good erection ability, non-premature ejaculation relationship, helping women achieve orgasm … are really showing men’s bravery.

As for your case, if you have not had sex, the ability to have an erection will not be as good as someone who has experienced it. Moreover, you also did not specify your height and weight, so it is not possible to accurately confirm that such a size is small. If you are about 2 meters tall, it is small, but if you are only about 1.6m, it is completely normal. Also, the parameter you give is just the length, not the circumference. For example, your “uncle” length is 10.4cm, but about 5cm in circumference is not small. Therefore, the determination of large or small depends on many factors.

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According to Doctor Lien, the size of “uncle” compared to the body of Vietnamese people is not small. Illustration.

There are even cases where the penis is said to be small, only about 9cm, but if the erection is normal, it does not affect the sexual process, making the girlfriend orgasm is completely acceptable without any intervention. .

As for the case of a small penis, if you want to increase the size, you should see a specialist to examine, evaluate and choose the appropriate method.

In the case of congenital defects such as penile depression or short obesity, endocrine dysfunction, erectile dysfunction due to deep artery damage, etc., it is necessary to consult a doctor for advice. as well as the most appropriate course of action.

When evaluating the size of the “small penis”, it is very important to consider its function, in which sexual skills must come first, as shown by the fact that men ejaculate achieve orgasm and help women sublimate. .

In short, the statistics of Vietnamese people with small “boys” are just numbers that look at this part, not in the overall harmony of the Vietnamese body. As an orthodontist, I think the average size of Vietnamese men is so big, because the average Vietnamese person is only 1.6 meters or a little more, not as tall as 1.8-1.9 meters. in Europe or other regions.

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