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Talented, beautiful VNUA female student, ‘wholehearted’ with the student-Youth movement

Monday, May 30, 2022 13:15 PM (GMT+7)

Nguyen Thu Nga is probably a familiar face in Union – Association activities at the Vietnam Academy of Agriculture. Not only afraid of possessing charm, she is also an excellent student of the Faculty of Accounting and Business Administration, always at the forefront of the activities of the Academy, of the Faculty, of the class and possessing remarkable achievements. admire.

Talented, beautiful VNUA female student, 'wholehearted' to the student movement - 1

Nguyen Thu Nga, a typical student, holds many important roles and always achieves admirable achievements.

Born in 2000, from Hung Yen, Thu Nga is currently a 4th year student, class K63QTKDA, majoring in Business Administration, Faculty of Accounting and Business Administration (MBA), Vietnam Academy of Agriculture, currently your friend is currently a member of the Executive Committee of the Student Association of the Academy; Union Branch President of the Faculty Student Union Union.

Association work has helped me grow up a lot

At the end of high school, without jostling for a “hot” school, Thu Nga chose for herself a suitable major at the Vietnam Academy of Agriculture, and for Russia this is an opportunity for herself to experience the world. experience, acquire knowledge from this field to realize her dreams and ambitions, her friend chose Business Administration to study, which has also helped a shy girl become active. than. Right from the first year, Thu Nga has actively participated enthusiastically in the activities at her Faculty. After a while, her friend found a way to improve herself, Nga went to the Union of Students of the Faculty of Accounting and Business Administration, and joined as a collaborator in the Department of Arts.

Talented, beautiful VNUA female student, 'wholehearted' to the student movement - 2

The King and Queen program organized by the Union of Unions – Union of the Faculty of Accounting and Business Administration is an event that helps Thu Nga have the most memories.

The more active Thu Nga is, the more she “loves” the work of the Association, facing difficulties and challenges that seem insurmountable, but it is the bravery and strength of a young man of the new era who “dare to think”. , dare to do”, Nga has received the trust and love of teachers, teachers and friends. For her, participating in movement activities is an opportunity to learn, exchange and meet many people. In particular, in each such experience, I have received many meaningful lessons and beautiful memories.

With a friendly personality, vivacious, fond of movements of the Faculty, of the Academy, Thu Nga was trusted to hold the position of Executive Board Member of the Academy Student Association, the President of the Student Union of the Faculty of Accounting. and QTKD. In particular, Thu Nga also participated in the role of organizing committee of a number of important events at the Faculty such as: King and Queen 2020; Not only enthusiastic about the movements and events of the Faculty, the Academy, Thu Nga also actively participates in many other social activities such as blood donation, volunteering at the school. local,…

“Youth is very meaningful when you yourself know how to contribute, even if it is the smallest, but you will feel proud because you have contributed to the community, family and people around. Therefore, let’s “burn out” with movement activities to be more satisfied with yourself. Thu Nga shared.

Talented, beautiful VNUA female student, 'wholehearted' to the student movement - 3

The student leader always has a smile on his face, creating good motivation for the opposite person. Youth is beautiful when coming to VNUA

Sticking with Union – Association activities since she was in high school, at first Thu Nga joined just because she wanted to experience, but gradually she felt that these useful activities brought her a lot of things. but it is unlikely that they will be able to learn while sitting in school. These can be mentioned as: preparing logistics, developing program plans, working in groups, creating cultural performances, …

“During my time studying at the Academy, in addition to participating in movement activities, I myself had the opportunity to meet and listen to teachers and teachers sharing professional and practical knowledge to make me feel better. I am confident with my chosen field of study and can apply the same soft skills when participating in Association work to improve and build myself into a more perfect version.” Thu Nga shared.

Talented, beautiful VNUA female student, 'wholehearted' to the student movement - 4

Thu Nga always tries her best in learning and movement activities to become more mature.

With her best efforts and dedication, Thu Nga was honored to receive the Certificate of Merit from the Director of the Vietnam Academy of Agriculture for her outstanding achievements in the Association’s work and the student movement in the academic year 2020-2021. along with many other notable achievements.

Participating in Association work, Thu Nga does not forget her main task is to study. Her study results are always classified as good and good. With her constant efforts and achieved results, Thu Nga deserves to be a shining example, a typical student for students throughout the Academy to study and follow.

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