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Singapore makes beer from… urine

Water is an essential ingredient for making beer. Depending on its style, beer can contain up to 95% water and it can take 7 gallons of water to make one gallon of beer. Singapore’s water authority has proposed a new craft beer made primarily with wastewater to address concerns about water shortages. The Independent .

The maker introduced NEWBrew as a tropical golden ale that is said to have a “toasty aftertaste, a honey-like color”. Although people use urine and wastewater as the main source of water for brewing beer. Naturally, wastewater and urine must be treated “ultra-clean” before starting incubation.

Singapore makes beer from… urine - Photo 1.

And it seems beer lovers are perfectly fine with the new drink.

One of the beer drinkers told the BBC: “It seems fine to make beer from urine. I can drink a lot of beer without any problems.”

Singapore recycles wastewater to conserve a valuable supply of clean water, using what it calls “New Water”, using it largely for industrial and air-conditioning purposes. During dry periods, recycled water is added to storage tanks and then purified for later use as tap water.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has estimated that Southeast Asia is likely to face dire consequences of the climate crisis, with its March report highlighting not only the potential for water shortages but also the potential for water shortages. as well as rising sea levels, potential threats to food security and loss of ecosystems.

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