Coach Park Hang-seo: “We want to test new tactics

Coach Park Hang-seo:

Sharing about the preparation process, head coach Park Hang-seo said: “The weather in Ho Chi Minh City is currently quite erratic. This afternoon (May 31), there is a 90% chance that it will rain, so we took the time to prepare for it. We changed our training schedule this morning We entered the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup so we were allowed to participate in next year’s Asian cup while the other teams had to attend the 2023 Asian Cup qualifiers. So now, find an opponent. It was quite difficult to compete against each other, but fortunately we chose Aghanistan.”

“For this match, I have 3 issues to pay attention to. First, it has been a long time, about 5 years, before the Vietnamese team entered Ho Chi Minh City to play. The second problem is that the Vietnamese team has a number of bridges. We’re new players, so I want to test them. The final problem is that we want to try to apply new tactics,” the Korean military leader shared.

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Talking about the absence of assistant Lee Young-jin and the decision to include Anh Duc in the coaching staff, Mr. Park said: “On June 4, Mr. Lee’s family has an important event to get married for their child. After the 31st SEA Games, Mr. Lee returned home from May 25. In the case of Anh Duc, this friendly match has special meaning.Vietnam currently does not have a professional coach. The national team I know Anh Duc studied with a Pro Coach. It is a preparation to become a professional coach. Anh Duc’s presence is very important. The presence of an assistant is a former longtime player in the national team. such as Anh Duc will contribute to better efficiency in exchanging information between the coaching staff and players. I also discussed with the LDBDVN before choosing Anh Duc.”

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Head coach of the Afghanistan team – Anoush Datsi

On the Afghanistan side, sharing about the match against Vietnam, head coach Anoush Datsi thanked the Vietnam Football Federation for giving the two teams the opportunity to play together. “We are very happy to be in Vietnam. This is the next time Afghanistan will face Vietnam Tel after 2017. The two teams have met twice and got a draw. Tomorrow’s match will be a great match. , is the final preparation step of the Afghanistan team before moving to India”.

Evaluating Vietnam Tel, Mr. Anoush Datsi said: “Compared to 2017, Vietnam Tel is completely different, there are many improvements. Vietnam Tel has shown remarkable strength. We came here with force. the strongest, except for one key player who is in Sweden who will fly directly to India to attend the Asian qualifiers.I myself was the assistant coach of the Afghanistan national team in 2017 and have been the head coach for 4 years. Tomorrow’s match is not just a friendly match, so we will play seriously to aim for a win.”

The friendly match between Vietnam and Afghanistan will take place at 19:00 on June 1 at Thong Nhat Stadium, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh.

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