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Thailand broke the undefeated circuit, disillusioned with the Vietnamese team

Early in the lead, but Thailand lost to Bahrain 1-2 in a friendly match at home on the evening of May 31. The goal of approaching Vietnam on the FIFA rankings of “War Elephants” has not been realized.

Highlights Thailand 1-2 Bahrain:

Not only setting the goal of rubbing to prepare for the 2023 Asian Cup qualifiers, the Thai team is also very determined to improve its ranking on the FIFA rankings announced at the end of June. Coach Mano Polking’s teachers and students are determined to catch up, temporarily. even surpassing Vietnam team.

Thairath newspaper evaluates that Thailand is on a winning streak and is unbeaten since the AFF Cup 2020 until now (9 wins, 2 draws). This newspaper therefore believes that Coach Polking’s army can narrow, even catch up and surpass Vietnam in the FIFA rankings. At the moment, Vietnam Tel is ranked 96th in the world.

thai lan 17
Captain Teerasil Dangda opened the scoring for Thailand very early on from the penalty spot

After a hard 1-0 victory over Turkmenistan, “War Elephants” added about 4,521 points and brought the total score on the FIFA rankings to 1172.20 points.

According to calculations by Thairath, the Golden Temple team will increase about 2 places to 109th on the FIFA rankings.

And the competition with a stronger team than Bahrain on the evening of May 31 is an opportunity for Polking’s teachers and students to continue to improve their rankings.

Home field advantage helps Thailand enter excitedly. In the second minute, the Golden Temple team was awarded a penalty. On the 11m mark, captain striker Teerasil Dangda did not miss the opportunity to open the score.

The home team continues to maintain its dominance over Bahrain for the rest of the time. However, Thailand unexpectedly conceded a goal before the two teams had a break, when Ibrahim Al-Khattal scored to equalize the score.

thai lan 2 18
Bahrain cuts off the unbeaten run of “War Elephants”

Entering the second half, Bahrain regained the game and put pressure on Thailand’s field. And the efforts of the away team paid off in injury time, Hashim Sayed Isa finished exactly after the sharp counterattack of the West Asian team.

In the end, Thailand received a 1-2 defeat. This result made the goal of “War Elephants” close to Vietnam during FIFA Days failed.

Meanwhile, Vietnam’s only match this month is a friendly against Afghanistan on June 1. According to the calculation of Fooball Ranking, the Vietnamese team will get 3.46 points if they win Afghanistan. In the event that the team draws in Afghanistan, “Golden Star Warriors” will be deducted 1.54 points. If they lose, coach Park Hang Seo’s teachers and students will be deducted 6.54 points on the FIFA rankings.


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