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Female patients have inverted “visceral organs” compared to normal people

03/06/2022 15:12 GMT+7

Instead of lying on the left side as usual, a 75-year-old female patient in Cao Bang had her heart on the right side.

Female patients have inverted “visceral organs” compared to normal people
75-year-old patient has to lie on his right side for endoscopic ultrasound

The Department of Functional Exploration, General Hospital of Cao Bang Province has just received and treated a patient

A 75-year-old patient, being treated for corneal ulcers, presents with epigastric abdominal pain and a history of gastritis, should be indicated for medical examination and gastroscopy.

Doctor Nong Thi Lan – Head of Cardiology Department directly examined internal medicine and gastroscopy discovered the patient’s reversed “visceral” status. Dr. Lan said that in more than 20 years of work, he met the first such patient.

Accordingly, for normal people, when doing endoscopy, the patient is lying on the left side, but for this patient, he has to lie on the opposite side, which is the right side. So the procedure will be more difficult.

According to the patient, because he had never been to a doctor before, so he did not know his condition. In 2013, when he went to the doctor, he discovered that his “heart” was on the right – the “reversed” position compared to everyone else. but the doctor said it will not affect health. Only when going to the doctor or having an emergency, it is necessary to notify the medical staff.” Every day, all activities and labor of this patient are still going on as normal like everyone else around.

The phenomenon of “visceral inversion” is a condition in which the organs and tissues in the chest and abdomen are reversed and reflected in the vertical plane compared to their normal position. Visceral inversion can be complete or only a few organs.

This is a relatively rare recessive genetic defect, with an incidence of about 1 in 10,000 people. Of which, about 5-10% have congenital heart defects, the rest have completely normal lives, do not affect the patient’s health.

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