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“This is not thinking about getting married!”

+ It seems that you have never brought your children out in public?

– Almost in all of Anh Tho’s live shows, no one in the family is seen. Because Anh Tho is the third child, he takes care of everything in the house. People weren’t around to give encouragement either.

There are times when I feel a bit sorry for myself when other people do a show of brothers, uncles, and relatives, but I’m always alone to take care of everything. But getting used to it, of course I have to do my job. Europe is also a happy thing.

Singer Anh Tho: At this point, I don't think about getting married!  - Photo 1.

+ What about this time?

– There may be a mother or a younger brother, and the children must be secretly in a corner. I also don’t like bringing my kids out in public. Afraid that people would know and ask again, the children lost their naturalness.

At school, it took a few years for my children to learn that they were the children of singer Anh Tho. Before that, I didn’t say it, let me and you be natural. I prefer to live in seclusion. They also don’t like appearing famous. Bao came here to attend a press conference to tell me about her job, and I also said, I can imagine what you’re doing at home.

+ Are Anh Tho’s two oldest children musically inclined?

– I respect and not be too strict with my children. I love taking care of my children, there is a gradual orientation, not forcing. The first grandchild to study at the University of Economics is considered to be temporarily satisfied. How successful in the future depends on many factors, it is not that the mother is good, but the child must be good, or just study well to be successful.

I don’t even force my kids to go to college. After grade 12, if my child wants to work, I also support. Because studying is also going to work. That said, I still have to support my children’s studies, but study for the future.

The second child sings English very well. But nothing has to be said later, but nothing can be said now. Because in the past, I was also very self-conscious when singing. Grades 9, 10, 11 even competed at school and only won the second prize, the third prize, never the first prize. While singing, I stuck out my tongue, shrunk my neck, embarrassed, and didn’t dare to sing anymore, I didn’t know that I would be successful and famous in the future.

+ Do you listen to your music?

– My children listen to Son Tung, Korean music, English music. I always like BTS but I always say wrongly… FPT. When I winced, I had to say yes, something like that, how can I remember… In class, I had a friend who admired her, but I was very indifferent. Never mind, it’s okay. It is important that your child still listens to music.

+ Do you have anything to share about teaching your children at an underage age?

– The second grandchild started wearing lipstick. I also leave it natural. Sometimes when I hear you say that you like this and that, I also say “just friends”. If you’re in love, you’ll have to ban it, but I guess I just like seeing a good boyfriend.

Just like me in the past… Oh no, in the 9th grade, I just knew I liked it, but I just kept it in my heart. Even if the 12th grade fell in love, they would talk from afar. Now that they are violent, I have to be careful (laughs).

+ Self-identified “man”, self-worth everything. Do you ever feel tired?

– If tired I did not do. I’m a bit too independent. I accept my fate and often say to myself, I’m happy to be single: I don’t have to worry too much about how my family is on both sides, I don’t have to walk anymore, I love my job and love my children. Now don’t think about getting married.

Actually, I’m also “prideful” inside, it’s not easy to flirt with Anh Tho. The love of boys and girls for me is not something too aspirational, terrible. To me, such things only exist in literature.

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