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“Mediocrity but happiness is interesting”

Vu Khai Tu graduated from a prestigious university in Guangzhou, China, majoring in law.

But he did not do like his classmates, wearing a vest, wearing leather shoes, carrying a notebook in and out of high-class office buildings, but instead, he followed his thoughts and became a “garbage collector”.

By collecting “junk” from all over the world, Vu Khai Tu even appeared on CCTV and became one of the role models of Chinese youth.

Despite graduating from a prestigious university, the student still decided to go pick up trash, despite his parents' objections:
Despite graduating from a prestigious university, the student still decided to pick up trash, despite his parents' objections:

Unlike normal “garbage collectors”, he has his own set of screening criteria:

The more information you carry, the better, such as modern-day things like letters, signs, old photos, etc.

Once, when going to collect old things, Vu Khai Tu found a treasure.

It was nearly 100 letters between a French man and a Chinese woman, pieces of paper that recorded little by little their love story.

Vu Khai Tu tried to translate one of them, finding it full of sweet words. The pieces of paper had turned yellow, and the bottom right corner of one of the envelopes read: CHINA China.

The kanji is written by the French themselves, although it looks very immature like the handwriting of elementary school students, but it is full of seriousness and affection.

Their letters span from 1984 to 1989 in English and French. Vu Khai Tu is working with friends to translate and rearrange these letters, they plan to name them “Love Story 1984-1989” so that more people can know this sweet love story.

Despite graduating from a prestigious university, the student still decided to go pick up trash, despite his parents' objections:

When Vu Khai Tu’s deeds were reported by some media, he became famous. However, his parents still could not accept that their son graduated from law school and ended up becoming a “garbage collector”.

Parents also won’t be proud of their son being in the newspaper, because Vu Khai Tu is noticed not because of what he has published or the patents he has invented, but because His education and work are not commensurate with each other.

They were also angry and scolded him, saying, “You are like a naked person on the street and someone else takes a picture of you.”

Vu Khai Tu himself has always felt that his current job of collecting old things is the job he wants to continue, he doesn’t care what other people think.

Despite graduating from a prestigious university, the student still decided to go pick up trash, despite his parents' objections:

We always think that having money, being loved and having a good job will be admired by others, will be happy.

It’s not wrong.

But there are people who don’t follow the “right path” that the world defines, they are still happy.

As humans, we don’t necessarily live by rules.

A thousand people have a thousand ways of life, in this world there is no way of life that is the right answer, suitable for you, making you comfortable, that is the right answer.


Working as a morgue worker is a job not too many people want to do, but in the eyes of Tran Thu Van, a girl born after 95, it’s been her dream since childhood until adulthood. .

The first time Tran Thu Van shared this with her parents was when she filled out her university entrance exam.

As expected, her parents vehemently objected.

She and her parents had a big argument, until they said they would leave home, did their parents reluctantly agree to let Tran Thu Van do as she wanted.

A lot of people don’t understand why a girl would want to do this job.

In the eyes of everyone, this is quite a scary job, even very unlucky.

But Tran Thu Van has another interpretation:

“These people are not dead people, they are also living beings. We need to help them make their final journey, give them final respect.”

The most impressive was the time she reconstructed the remains of 3 police soldiers who died while on duty.

The tragic accident left their bodies intact, what she remembers most is that the father, when he saw his son’s body, couldn’t stop crying and said, “My son is just sleeping, isn’t he!”

Compared to the difficulties at work, what bothers Tran Thu Van is the rules in life:

“I made a phone call on the subway during rush hour to communicate about the cremation of the deceased. After hanging up, I saw that the crowded train compartment was suddenly left alone, everyone kept their distance. with me.”

Because of the nature of work, there are a number of unwritten “hidden rules” in life that Tran Thu Van must follow:

Do not shake hands with others;

Do not talk about your profession to others;

Do not say goodbye;

Not allowed to attend the wedding;

Do not hold infants;

Against all those “can’ts”, Tran Thu Van persisted in this work for 4 years. Because she loves this job from the bottom of her heart, and she can also feel happiness from the bottom of her heart.

Despite graduating from a prestigious university, the student still decided to go pick up trash, despite his parents' objections:

The most painful thing for a person is to live under the expectations of others.

For the sake of others’ recognition, we disguise our own hearts and try to put on a smile; Because of the expectations of others, we change our own ideals and go with the flow.

There’s a lyrics like this: “If all human faces are the same, what makes you different from everyone else is the way you live.”

In fact, life is for you to live, not for others to see.


Tran Du was born in 1998, she appeared in the Victoria’s Secret show at the age of 19, breaking the record of “big sister” Luu Van, becoming the youngest Chinese angel in Victoria’s Secret history.

Once, she and a reporter went to an antique shop in Sanlitun (a residential area in Beijing, China), that day Tran Du wore a bright yellow floral shirt, over a glossy shirt. green baseball and wearing splendid gold jewelry.

Because of her slightly pompous style of dress, she was subjected to a lot of criticism from many tourists, however, she automatically blocked those unfriendly glances.

A reporter asked her: all the way through, although there are many reviews about you, you don’t seem to care much.

Tran Du laughed and said: “The modeling profession is originally a job in the spotlight, if I care too much about what other people think of me, I’m afraid I’ll soon be depressed!”

We live in a life that is like being married to hundreds of families, sometimes living too tired is not because you are not good enough but because you are too concerned with other people’s opinions.

The reason Tran Du can spontaneously say such words is because she herself once lost herself in the midst of a sea of ​​comments about her:

“With such body proportions, she’s also a model?”

“Is this also called a model?”


Reading these comments, she used to feel extremely uncomfortable.

She constantly adjusts her catwalk, she practices harder and harder, but her performance after going on stage is not as good as before.

It was not until he learned to ignore the judgments of irrelevant people and complete the catwalk at his own pace and style that Tran Du grew more and more confident, and eventually stepped onto the Victoria’s catwalk. Secret at 19 years old.

Despite graduating from a prestigious university, the student still decided to go pick up trash, despite his parents' objections:

Anxiety is like a virus, and it likes to dig into people who care about other people’s opinions; Focusing only on their own inner voice, such people are like having antibodies in the body, immune to all poisons.

Don’t care too much about other people’s opinions, live at your own pace.

The Jews have a saying that goes like this:

“If you don’t live for yourself, who else will live for you?”

Living mediocrity is the state of most people in life, only the enterprising can make life more interesting.

There are no two people in this world that are exactly the same, and no one can copy someone else’s life.

Life is too short to waste time on what others think of us. In fact, each one of us is very busy with life, no one has enough time to pay attention to you or who you are.

The important thing is that you live your life, happily.

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