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An Di Hien became ill after her husband was in prison

Taiwanese star An Di Hien has poor health, often stops eating after her husband – businessman Tran Vinh Luyen – was arrested.

By page 163, the 42-year-old actress has not appeared publicly for the past half year, a friend of hers revealed that Di Hien’s health condition is “worrisome”. Previously, she suffered from cardiovascular disease, so An Di Hien’s relatives were afraid that the actor would weaken and think too much, leading to the recurrence of the old disease.

An Di Hien and his wife celebrated their daughter's birthday in October 2021.  Photo: An Yixuan Studio

An Di Hien and his wife celebrated their daughter’s birthday in October 2021. Image: An Yixuan Studio

An Di Hien often skips eating and cries alone. However, she always proved to be strong because she needed to take care of her two young children (three years old and two years old). She also takes care of her father-in-law, who is over 90 years old this year.

The actress deleted all photos and articles related to Tran Vinh Luyen on her personal page. The beauty also did not contact the manager. For the past two months, Di Hien has been caught up in rumors that she is in the process of getting a divorce, but she has not responded to the incident.

Tran Vinh Luyen arrested in January for alleged illegal casino business, money laundering and a number of crimes related to gangsters. Above Appledailya lawyer said that the businessman faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

An Di Hien's wedding

An Di Hien and his wife on their wedding day. Video: Yes

Di Hien married Tran Vinh Luyen in 2017, thereby limiting her work in the entertainment industry. Before her husband was arrested, An Di Hien lived a prosperous life. She uses a private jet, and was given a lot of real estate by her husband, as well as diamonds and luxury goods. In 2021, the businessman gave his wife four houses in Macau, totaling 600 million HKD (76 million USD). On the occasion of her daughter’s retirement in October 2021, An Di Hien revealed that her husband gave her child a gift Diamond 10.22 carats.

She was born in 1980 in Taiwan, famous for many movies like New Journey to the West (as Bach Cot Tinh), Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky 2009 (as Trieu Man), Happy next station (as Luong Mo Tranh), Fairy sword saga (as Lam Nguyet Nhu)…

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