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Guarantee of income, security – “Key” to recovery of the labor market after the pandemic

Considered as one of the pillars creating the driving force for the economy’s development, however labor market Vietnam has seen a disruption due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Labor supply has been severely reduced, the number of employed workers has fallen to the lowest level in many years. During the discussion session at the fourth Vietnam Economic Forum just held in Ho Chi Minh City – the issue of the recovery of this important market was discussed enthusiastically.

Proposing solutions, the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor and delegates shared the opinion that it is necessary to focus on developing a synchronous and modern labor market with the regulation of the State, both in the short and long term. . In the immediate future, focus on vocational training; use support packages; improve the labor market information system, the job center system. In particular, focus on measures to ensure wages, income, social security, working conditions, etc.

“In the long term, I think in attracting investment, it is necessary to attract large and high-tech projects. Pay attention to housing issues for workers, support credit for subjects building workers’ houses. It is necessary to provide vocational training at the same time, directing workers to choose enterprises using high technology. The policies of salary and bonus for employees need to be well implemented”, said Mr. Ngo Duy Hieu – Vice Chairman of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor. Nam said.

Income security, security -

Income security and security are the “keys” to recovering the labor market after the pandemic. Illustration.

Sharing the same view, leaders of Ho Chi Minh City shared lessons learned during and after the pandemic to put employees in the development of enterprises. Taking care of and taking care of the material and spiritual life of employees during the pandemic has helped them feel secure in their attachment. Up to now, over 98% of the city’s businesses have stabilized their operations thanks to stable labor.

At the workshop, experts emphasized, perfecting the legal system in line with the Labor Code to reduce the rate of informal workers must be a long-term direction to improve supply. In which, there are support policies for the informal economic sector to develop properly, encouraging business establishments in the informal sector to switch to the enterprise sector.

In addition, experts say that the regime should be reconsidered social insurance in the direction of reducing procedures, reducing closing time. If the salary structure is reasonable, the payment of social insurance premiums is high, and the pensioners enjoy high pensions, employees will stick around for a long time, leading to the sustainability of the labor market.

The labor market is gradually recovering The labor market is gradually recovering – At the press conference this morning (April 12) of the General Statistics Office, many indicators were given showing that the labor market gradually recovered and achieved a good growth rate.

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