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Russian domestic tourism booms after the embargo

This is considered a boost to the industry travel to Russia largest investment in modern history.

Alean Family Sputnik Resort in Sochi, City vacation on the Black Sea of ​​Russia, operating an all-in-one system, allowing visitors to experience many different facilities at the same time.

Olga Leutova, Director of Alean Family Sputnik Hotel, in Sochi, said:There are customers who often go on vacation abroad now to stay at our hotel to see how the all-in-one resort in Russia“.

Mr. Vadim Mamontov, founder and director of RussiaDiscovery travel agency, said:We predict (the tourism industry) will grow around 25 – 30%, slightly higher than last year“.

Russian domestic tourism boomed after the embargo - Photo 1.

Manezhnaya Square after sunset in Moscow, Russia, April 20, 2022. (Photo: AP)

Currently, the 5-star and 4-star hotels are on fire. It is forecast that 8 million people will spend their summer vacation in the south of Russia between May and September.

Although the summer vacation is coming, Domestic tourism growth, but Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine could also pose problems, such as transportation problems.

Currently, the Russian government is investing in infrastructure to facilitate the growth of tourism. The total amount of investment from the state this year may be up to 75 billion rubles (equivalent to more than 28,000 billion dong), 10 times higher than 3 years ago. This investment in tourism is considered unprecedented in modern Russian history.

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