The kitchen is a treasure trove of wealth: To make these 6 feng shui mistakes, fortune will be washed away

If the kitchen has these feng shui errors, the family’s money will disappear.

Leaking faucet or water pipe

Follow Feng ShuiThe faucet in the house greatly affects feng shui.

Faucet or water pipe used to supply water for use in cooking and cleaning, if the faucet cannot be closed tightly, the water pipe is leaking, the first thing to notice is that the water bill will increase.

In feng shui, this also affects your fortune. The reason is because water is Thuy, representing fortune. Leaking water is also a lost fortune, drifting with the water.

The kitchen is a treasure trove of fortune: Make these 6 feng shui mistakes and your fortune will be washed away-1

The rice bowl is empty

For financial security, rice jars play an important role. In the house, having a pot of rice in accordance with feng shui will help attract fortune into the house. However, if the rice jar is empty or there is no rice jar, this will be a waste of money.

If the warehouse is empty, it means that there is no wealth left.

The reason is that rice represents fortune. No rice means nothing in the vault. One more thing you should note is that rice jars are very intolerant of red color, absolutely should not choose rice jars of this color.

Red is the color of the Fire element, the fire of Fire will burn money, making the fortunes quickly decline. Even if you earn money, it’s like the wind entering an empty house, hard to keep.

Put the washing machine in the kitchen

Many families, for convenience, arrange a washing machine right in the kitchen. This inadvertently causes the amount of water to be consumed in this location to increase.

According to feng shui, flowing water is wasted money, the amount of washing machine water needed is too large, causing an imbalance of the five elements of Water Fire in the kitchen.

In addition, the water discharged from the washing machine is not clean, so it will affect the luck in the kitchen.

The kitchen is a treasure trove of fortune: Make these 6 feng shui mistakes, and fortune will be washed away-2

The kitchen is located near the main water pipe

When the water gas from the water pipe and the fire gas from the kitchen meet, it will inevitably create conflicts, making it easy for Thuy Hoa to be intolerant.

Therefore, when decorating and arranging the interior of the kitchen, you should pay attention not to place the kitchen next to objects that carry the element of Water or contain a lot of water such as sinks, water pipes, faucets, refrigerators, etc.

At the same time, avoid arranging the kitchen opposite these objects.

Put a mirror in the kitchen

In feng shui, placing a mirror in the kitchen is also one of the great taboos of kitchen feng shui. It is even more taboo if the mirror is reflected in the kitchen. This causes the mirror to reflect on the food in the pot.

This design is called “Tianmen Fire” which will cause the family to encounter a fire or cause the owner to encounter misfortune.

It will be more appropriate if you put a mirror on the dining table because it helps to reflect the food on the table, helping to increase the fortune of the owner.

The kitchen is located at the location of the property

Because the kitchen belongs to the Fire element, the direction of the Fire element in the household is the South direction. If you place the kitchen in this direction, the Fire Qi will be enjoyable, your career will be as well fortune of the owner is supported, aflame with fire, abundant life.

And if the kitchen is placed in the East direction of the Wood element, the Wood born Fire is also an auspicious omen, symbolizing abundant and never-ending fortune.

However, if you place the kitchen in the northwest direction, you will commit a big mistake in kitchen feng shui. That is the bad guy who destroys the talent, will create the way the Fire Department projects Thien Mon. Old books say: “Fire projecting Tianmen, all spitting blood. Burning Tianmen, family discord”.

Therefore, if the kitchen is located in the Northwest, it should be changed immediately, lest sooner or later the money will also be consumed, wasting money and destroying wealth, but the homeowner is still susceptible to blood light.

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