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Support package for socio-economic development recovery: Don’t miss the “golden opportunity”!

In the past week, the important agendas of the 3rd session of the 15th National Assembly continued to be highlighted in the newspapers. In which, the focus is on 2 days of National Assembly deputies discussing the situation economy – society and state budget, summarizing the implementation of Resolution No. 42 on piloting bad debt settlement of credit institutions and practicing thrift and combating wastefulness in 2021.

At each session of the National Assembly, socio-economic discussions always attract special attention of voters and people nationwide.

The first 6 months of this year are a challenging time for our country’s socio-economics. Therefore, the first highlight is that many opinions at the discussion sessions highly appreciated the Government’s efforts in operating and helping the economy overcome difficulties along with remarkable socio-economic results. take.

Economic growth continues to be positive

Support package for socio-economic development recovery: Don't miss the

GDP growth in the second quarter is 6% and GDP for the whole year 2022 is forecasted to grow to over 7%. (Illustration image – Photo: Investment Newspaper)

Many delegates gave convincing statistics. The recovery is evidenced by the fact that GDP in the first quarter is estimated to increase by 5.03%, the index of industrial production in the first 5 months has increased by more than 8%, the state budget revenue has reached 57% of the yearly estimate, an increase of nearly 20% compared to the previous year. in the same period last year. Although it has not returned to the pre-COVID-19 rate, these are very positive numbers. In particular, businesses have adapted to the new context, overcome difficulties to expand production, business, Investment newspaper information.

Accurately determine the economic “picture”

There are newspapers People’s Deputies gave the assessment of a number of National Assembly deputies and economic experts, emphasizing: “Although the economy faces many difficulties, in the context of the world’s unpredictable fluctuations, but under the leadership, only The Party’s leadership, correct and timely guidelines and decisions of the National Assembly, the Government, and the Prime Minister have made outstanding efforts in directing and administering, promptly proposing to the National Assembly many mechanisms. With specific policies, especially to quickly solve problems of the economy and people’s lives, positive results have been achieved in 2021 as well as in the first months of 2022.

During the discussion session, many opinions of the National Assembly deputies also affirmed that the recent efforts to overcome difficulties have strengthened the people’s confidence. Especially recently, the very successful organization of the 31st SEA Games has once again affirmed the position, potential and prestige of Vietnam, becoming an important spiritual impulse with widespread spread in society. .

Besides appreciating the Government members’ efforts in socio-economic management, the National Assembly deputies spent a lot of time discussing to analyze the inadequacies and propose policies to remove the shortcomings. bottlenecks in economic recovery and development. This is the responsible companion of the National Assembly and the Government with the goal of helping the country’s socio-economic overcome difficulties.

Real estate still causes insecurity among people

“Real estate still causes insecurity among people”, this is the headline with a remarkable pun on the front page of the newspaper. Laws of Ho Chi Minh City when the unusual behavior of the real estate market is a topic of discussion that is of interest to many delegates.

Support package for socio-economic development recovery: Don't miss the

Delegate Nguyen Thi Thuy mentioned the hidden and negative angles in the auction of land use rights over the past time. (Photo:

For example, National Assembly delegate Nguyen Thi Thuy frankly mentioned the situation of winning bids, putting down stakes, hooking brackets and lowering prices like in Thu Thiem recently. The end goal is all to gut, damage the state and benefit a minority group.

According to the female delegate, who is currently the Deputy Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, the Government and the Ministry of Public Security should strengthen control and select a number of land auctions with a lot of public opinion to verify the investigation, if enough. At the grassroots level, it is necessary to initiate criminal proceedings and handle them, thereby deterring and preventing violations in this field.

Also discussing the real estate market, Delegate Phan Thai Binh raised the reality: “Business, real estate transfer, people are taxed at the market price, but when the land is recovered, compensation is based on the price. The state is much lower. This is an issue of inequality in this relationship. The lack of a legal basis makes some places appear arbitrary in the application of taxable property prices.”

An independent valuation agency is required

A solution proposed by economic expert, Dr. Nguyen Minh Phong, in the newspaper Financial Timesthat is, an independent price appraisal agency is required to force buyers and sellers to honestly declare prices.

Speaking to explain the issues raised by the delegates about fixing loopholes and enhancing transparency in the stock market, Finance Minister Ho Duc Phuc informed: “Recently, the Ministry of Finance has issued 5 documents to warn warning about the risks of the private-issued corporate bond market so that investors can be careful when participating. At the same time, the Ministry of Finance continuously directs and requests to inspect and review this market.

The head of the Ministry of Finance also said that in the near future, he will submit to the Government for promulgation a decree amending Decree 153 on the offering and trading of corporate bonds; at the same time, submit to the Government, to the National Assembly to amend the Law on Securities, etc., thereby overcoming the loopholes, and enhancing transparency in the market.

In addition, during these 2 days of discussion, many delegates contributed proposals for solutions to remove obstacles and inadequacies affecting the speed of recovery and the development of the economy, which is facing many difficulties. current challenge. Slow disbursement of public investment capital is one of those bottlenecks.

Many National Assembly deputies are concerned because by the end of May, the cumulative disbursement of public investment capital in the whole country has reached just over one-fifth of the plan assigned by the Prime Minister. Those are numbers to think about, because in the context that the country is in dire need of resources to quickly recover the economy after the pandemic, the delay in disbursement of public investment is a big waste.

Treating the root cause of slow disbursement

A number of solutions on mechanisms and policies were proposed by the National Assembly deputies, as commented by Investment newspaperin the immediate period, in addition to continuing to attach responsibility to the head, the authorities still have to follow the construction site, even “hand in hand” to remove difficulties for contractors, in the context of The prices of some items have increased rapidly as recently, the more drastic and determined to handle soon to be able to handle it soon and effectively.

In addition to the long-standing delay in the disbursement of public investment capital, the National Assembly deputies are also very impatient and worried about another delay, which is the delay in implementing the support packages under the Program. economic recovery and development.

Support the implementation of the recovery and development program

Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai said that up to now, the policies have been basically completed and disbursed 22,000 billion VND in a policy package of 347,000 billion VND according to Resolution 43 of the National Assembly to implement the rehabilitation program and social economic development.

Support package for socio-economic development recovery: Don't miss the

Up to now, the policies have been basically completed and disbursed VND 22,000 billion in the policy package of VND 347,000 billion. (Illustration image – Photo: Investment Newspaper)

The Deputy Prime Minister said that this is also a very important premise to believe that this support package will be implemented well in the coming time and emphasized: “In the past time, the Government and ministries have been very careful to avoid negligently, avoid future responsibilities when the organization does because the amount is very large”.

Don’t miss the golden opportunity!

In the analysis of this content, the People’s Deputies has a remarkable message: “Don’t miss the golden opportunity”.

In order not to miss the golden opportunity, not to miss the pace of economic recovery, it requires the Government to have a plan and a synchronous deployment plan from the central to local levels; In particular, there should be a mechanism to handle responsibility for organizations and individuals for not ensuring progress when implementing this policy.

With the solutions proposed with a sense of responsibility and frankness of the National Assembly deputies and the participation with greater determination and greater responsibility of the authorities, the implementation of the program is highly expected. Socio-economic recovery and development will soon accelerate in the near future, which is also the desire of the business community and people at this time.

Economic prosperity

Effectively implementing the above-mentioned particularly important program will contribute to creating the impetus for the country’s rapid and sustainable economic recovery after the pandemic. Right in the past week, the numbers reported from the General Statistics Office showed that the economy is thriving.

Specifically, GDP growth in the second quarter is 6% and GDP for the whole year 2022 is forecast to grow to over 7%. Besides, there are growth figures in agriculture, industry, commerce, tourism or services… According to the newspaper Labor, Export of goods in the first 5 months of this year was estimated at nearly 153 billion USD, up more than 16% over the same period in 2021. Export surplus reached 516 million USD.

However, it is impossible not to mention very unpredictable variables that have been affecting the growth of the economy, such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict or China’s Zero COVID-19 policy that can cause disruption. supply chains, causing difficulties for businesses and the whole economy, comments by Investment newspaper.

Credit rating has a spillover effect

On the sheet Financial TimesDirector of the Department of Debt Management and External Finance, Ministry of Finance, commented: “With the good news that the credit rating agency S&P has just upgraded Vietnam’s long-term national credit rating to BB+, the outlook is positive. stability has a very positive meaning, creating a spillover effect for the entire economy.

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