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2 years of marriage and still can’t have sex: Tien Giang girl is surprised with the reason

Doctor Cao Huu Thinh – Tu Du Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City, shared about a special case, the patient has been married for 2 years and has never had sex.

The patient is a woman named H. from Tien Giang, who has been married for 2 years. Ms. H. said she did not understand why she had never had a period until now.

With such an abnormality in her body since getting married, Ms. H herself could not have sex, conceive and become a mother like many other normal women.

Ms. H herself is extremely worried. Her husband also loves his wife very much, so he wants to overcome difficulties with her.

When looking to Dr. Cao Huu Thinh for examination, Ms. H. studied carefully to intervene to have her own child.

Thinh said that through the examination, the doctor found that this patient had a congenital absence of vagina syndrome. When hearing the diagnosis results, Ms. H. and her husband were really desperate. Anxiety and depression have enveloped the young couple.

In the midst of despair and extreme anxiety, the only sentence of Mrs. H and her husband was: “Is there any way to help us, bro?”.

2 years of marriage and still can't have sex, the young girl is surprised with the reason
Doctor Thinh shared about a special case.

Through the ultrasound process, fortunately, God still gave this female patient enough uterus and ovaries, so I advised the patient to undergo vaginal plastic surgery.

The first positive sign is that the vagina has been successfully formed, but also clearly explained the situation to the couple, although “the rose garden has opened but the entrance is still difficult” because the patient’s cervix is ​​very difficult. small, so small that it is difficult to see with the naked eye. The doctor advised the couple to go back to rest, have normal activities and then after a while, see how and then continue.

As expected, after 2 years, even though the wife had menstruating, she still could not conceive, so in the next follow-up visit, the doctor advised the young couple to do in vitro fertilization.

According to Dr. Thinh, this is a rather special case, the procedures for egg stimulation and embryo creation are all conducted methodically and give good results, but the difficulty lies in the “entrance” (the door of the uterus). very narrow, the doctor was very patient and careful.

A procedure that in normal cases the doctor only needs a few minutes, but this time with sweat drenching his shoulders, it took more than half an hour to detect the “way in” behind many layers and layers of camouflage. Finally, the embryo was successfully transferred.

On June 6, the couple came to check again, a ray of optimistic hope shone on Ms. H’s small family. Her embryo has turned “pretty” and is waiting for further tests. This hope has brought joy and joy to the patient’s wife and to the doctor.

Dr. Thinh said that an infertility treatment doctor takes the patient’s happiness as his own happiness. The journey from a woman without a vagina to the finish line is one who is about to perform a very arduous and difficult motherhood.

Absence of the vagina is a very rare disease, characterized by patients with MRKH syndrome having normal development of female genital characteristics, external genitalia and normal ovarian function with normal infection phenotype. Chromosomes 46, XX.

Most cases of the disease are not detected early, but are discovered often in adolescence, presenting as primary amenorrhea or problems with sexual intercourse.

Up to the present time, there have been many surgical and non-surgical treatments to create vaginal canals for patients with congenital absence of vagina.

Doctors recommend that all abnormalities in the reproductive organs should be examined and treated promptly. Therefore, women with abnormal signs such as reaching puberty without menstruating, unable to have sexual relations… must be examined early for appropriate treatment.

In order to have a normal sex life, women with this deformity need to have a vaginal reconstruction surgically. The goal of surgery is to create a vaginal canal of sufficient size and secretion capacity to permit intercourse.

There are many surgical techniques used in vaginoplasty, the choice of surgery depends on the experience of the surgeon and the unique characteristics of each patient.

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