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3 differences between a vaginal birth and a caesarean section

From the moment she learned she was pregnant, women began to worry about 2 options: Caesarean or give birth normally. Older people in the family recommend vaginal birth, while younger people mostly choose to have a caesarean section. There are many reasons given, each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

However, there is one thing that mothers need to know that different birth methods not only cause children to have a different IQ, but also have the following 3 differences.

The difference between a vaginal birth and a cesarean birth

1. Resistance

Babies born often pass through the mother’s perineum, exposed to beneficial bacteria, so their immunity is higher, reducing the risk of respiratory diseases. In particular, because children rely on their own strength to get out, their resistance is also superior.

Meanwhile, babies born by caesarean section have to rely on outside support, they have a higher risk of respiratory distress syndrome, and are prone to asthma.

The difference between a normal baby and a cesarean birth is not in intelligence, but in these 3 things - Photo 1.


2. Feeling safe

During a normal birth, the baby prepares from the womb for the birth. The mother also actively pushes so that the baby is born smoothly. Trying to get out with your own strength will make the baby adapt quickly when born.

On the contrary, if it is a cesarean section, the mother will be anesthetized, the doctor will take the baby out by caesarean section. The sudden change from the quiet environment in the womb to a strange, noisy place is a scary process, the baby cannot adapt in time.

Some experts say that the fear a baby receives during a cesarean section can linger for a while. Sometimes there are some soft noises that can startle the baby, shaking instinctively in sleep. This shows that babies born by cesarean section have less sense of security than babies born vaginally.

3. The ability to transport move

When giving birth vaginally, the baby’s body is forced through the birth canal to move, and the baby born by cesarean is brought out directly from the uterus, so the body will be weaker.

Not intelligence, these are the 3 most typical differences between babies born naturally and by caesarean section - Photo 2.


Some parents feel that their babies born by caesarean section are physically weak, so they take extra care and protect their babies. They choose to hold a lot, limit their children’s running and jumping and exposure to strange environments for fear of being infected. This further reduces the child’s resistance.

Although the physical condition of normal babies is better than babies born by caesarean section, parents need not worry. Parents can apply some exercises to improve physical health and enhance brain development for their children. For example, exercises such as stretching, jumping, and aerobics for children every morning can help children improve their physical fitness.

Mistakes of parents in improving the health of their children?

In fact, the physical condition of babies born by cesarean section is not too weak, so parents do not need to overprotect their children. Some parents have misunderstandings about babies born by caesarean section as follows:

Need for additional glucose

Some parents feel that babies born by caesarean section have low immunity and need additional nutrients. In case the child is too stunted, sick, can add more glucose. However, if the child is normal, adding a lot of glucose can lead to obesity, high blood sugar, anorexia.

Not intelligence, these are the 3 most typical differences between babies born naturally and by caesarean section - Photo 3.


– Add soup to rice for easy chewing and swallowing

There are many parents and elders who think that mixing rice and soup together will make it easier for children to chew. In fact, soaking rice in such a soup will make children lazy to chew and swallow directly. This will put more pressure on the stomach and form bad eating habits.

In case the child just likes to drink broth without eating green vegetables, it will cause vitamin deficiency in the body, even worse, malnutrition.

In short, the best choice for a vaginal birth or a cesarean section should follow your doctor’s advice. The doctor is a professional, they will give the best birth method for both mother and baby.

As for the physical differences and brain development of children, everything can be improved through diet and exercise. mo-20220604145844012.chn

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