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Excited with the new literary HIT of tlinh and Low G

On June 5, DIBAO Vietnam car company released the music video of Nguoi Di Bao with the cooperation of two rappers Low G and tlinh. Previously, the pair of the same song Low G and t Linh had teased a new song together on their personal page on the evening of June 2. It is known that this is the second time the two young talents have collaborated in composing and writing lyrics in a project. music project.

It is known that the inspiration for the song was taken from the famous literary work “The Man in the Bag” by Russian writer Shekhov, about the closed and withdrawn lifestyle of the Russian people at the end of the 19th century. Time to express the desire to be yourself and live to the fullest.

Low G and tlinh, with their superior rap skills and smooth flow on each word, describe the reality of the withdrawn lifestyle, always keeping themselves within the safety of most of today’s young people.

The rise of home entertainment technology, and especially the days of isolation during the epidemic, have made many people just want to stay at home and are afraid to go out. They fear anything: Fear of communication, fear of voicing opinions, fear of expressing their feelings, fear of expressing themselves, fear of being wrong and worst of all, fear of dreams.

Excited with new literary HIT by tlinh and Low G - Photo 1.

Low G and t Linh are “coolest” in the music product “Human Di Bao”.

Through the HIT version, DIBAO car company wants to convey a message to encourage young people to open their hearts, boldly step out and explore the outside world “there are many fun and interesting things waiting”. Let’s step through our comfort zone to face challenges, only then can it be difficult to make us become a better version of ourselves.

People are never perfect, you may be wrong, you may make mistakes, but all those difficulties will help you perfect yourself, become better and love life more.

Excited with new literary HIT by tlinh and Low G - Photo 2.

The MV of the Man Go Bao conveys a very meaningful message to young people.

MV Nguoi Di Bao with the participation of two talented Gen Z rappers “Dong Da chemist” Low G and “Single girl” tlinh, along with a thorough investment in sound and image, promises promises to create addictive effects on social networking platforms and achieve many high achievements.

Excited with new literary HIT by tlinh and Low G - Photo 3.

Dibao car company accompanies tlinh and Low G.

In addition to the familiar school scene, the MV also has the appearance of a means of transport close to students, which is the DIBAO tram. “Going hard, covering up” is the message that the brand wants to send to young people through this MV.

To talk about DIBAO, the products of this brand are no longer strange to Vietnamese people. Some outstanding models of this brand are Dibao Gogo S4, Dibao Pansy S2, Dibao Creer E, Dibao Pansy SQ, etc..

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