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The wedding ring exchange is beyond imagination

People keep whispering about love stories or idol dramas without knowing that they also come from life.

The story of a couple in love In Sichuan, China, people are surprised because sometimes the most romantic thing in love is just like this.

It is known that May 22, 2022 is the wedding day of a man surnamed Liu. Right at the wedding reception, when it came to his ring exchange, Liu made both the bride and the guests burst into tears.

Accordingly, he took to the stage a portable electronic book. In front of everyone, Liu removed the protective cover and revealed the secret behind. There was a ring with tape, placed next to the battery. Right after that, he knelt down, giving Rings love for his life partner.

The wedding ring exchange beyond imagination: It turns out that the bride is pawning important pawns all day long without even knowing it!  - Photo 1.

The groom gives the ring to the bride.

It is known that the bride and groom have been together for 7 years before getting married. This e-book was given to his then-girlfriend by Liu within the first month they were dating.

“She uses e-books a lot, so the ring is always near her ring finger“, said Liu.

It turned out that, even when the two had not said anything about love and marriage, Liu gave his bride a wedding ring without her knowledge.

“Liu said he bought the ring within a month of when we started dating because he wanted to be with me. He always said he wanted to marry me, thought it was a joke but he showed more and more every day that he kept it. promise”, shared bride.

The wedding ring exchange beyond imagination: It turns out that the bride is pawning important pawns all day long without even knowing it!  - Photo 2.

The ring is taped to the back of the e-book.

Perhaps, right from the first days together, Liu identified this as the woman of his life. So he decided to buy the ring, hide it in an e-book, and give it to his girlfriend. It is also a way of giving rings to the opponent discreetly and secretly.

The bride added that the groom’s original intention was to keep the secret for 10 years, 20 years. However, when the wedding host is told about this story by the groom, he advises to use the same ring as a wedding ring and give it at the wedding ceremony.

“When I asked him if he was worried about accidentally losing the e-book, he said no and thought it would make sense if the ring could be kept there for many years.” said the bride.

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Liu’s romantic story and passionate love for his wife moved many of their relatives and friends to tears. The groom himself also shed tears because of many emotions overflowing on his happy day.

That said, sometimes love fairy tales are all around us. It’s also sweet, special and makes everyone admire.

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