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Common mistakes in the Math exam in the 10th grade in 2022

Ms. Thu said that in the 10th grade math exam, there was a clear classification of pretty good students from 7.5 points; 8; 8.5… In order to achieve high results, students need to firmly grasp the knowledge and avoid unfortunate mistakes.

With the experience of marking exams in recent 10 years, according to Ms. Thu, some of the basic mistakes that students often make in the process of taking exams are: misreading the topic, omitting the math requirements, miscalculating, drawing. wrong picture, remember wrong formula, theorem or brief presentation, skipping step leads to loss of marks.

Ms. Minh Thu pointed out some errors according to each topic, specifically as follows:

With the mathematical form of reducing the expression, in the test located in sentence 1, when transforming, students need to pay attention to the determination conditions of the expression.

“Students will often do well on this sentence, the first two; The last point is 0.5 points to classify students who get 8 points, often they will have difficulties. This idea is common in some types of problems such as finding the largest value, the smallest value, the integer value of an expression, …

With the form of solving problems by making equations and systems of equations, many students forget the conditions, put the wrong conditions when calling hidden, or maybe they don’t read the problem carefully, so the units of quantities are not consistent with each other. , when the conclusion has not compared the conditions, the conclusion is wrong.

“With this type of math, you should review according to each specific type of problem such as motion problems, joint work problems, productivity problems…”, Ms. Thu advises.

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Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Thu, Head of Maths Team of Khuong Ha Middle & High School.

As for the form of graphs of functions, quadratic equations, students may make some errors in presentation, miscalculation, and remember wrong formulas. This idea is often asked to find the condition of the parameter m to satisfy an equality based on the Vi-et theorem or the condition that the line intersects the Parabola to satisfy certain requirements, etc. With this idea to classify students at a high level. Above 8 points, you need to master some familiar types of lessons.

As for geometry, usually students do well on the first two ideas, but still need to pay attention to some points such as: Drawing accurate shapes, full symbols, only circles are drawn with pencil, other lines must be painted in the same color as the text. When adding a point, it must be mentioned in the article. Do not draw pictures in special cases that easily cause confusion.

“You also need to present your work in full, not skipping steps. The last idea of ​​the student classification sentence is 9. This sentence is quite high and the majority of students cannot complete it. This idea is often seen in the form of proofs of three collinear points, three converging points, a set of points on a fixed line, a geometric extremum…. In recent years, there is also a small idea in the exam question. about spatial geometry. With this in mind, you need to remember the exact formula for the volume and area of ​​some spheres, cylinders, rectangular boxes, …”, Ms. Thu shared.

The last sentence of the test is often used to classify good students. This is often the hardest question on the test, and most students can’t do it. This sentence is often encountered in the form of problems about proving inequality, finding the maximum and minimum value of an expression.

“To achieve high results in 10 exam In public, candidates need to firmly grasp their knowledge, focus on practicing to practice presentation skills, solve math problems and pay attention to avoid unnecessary mistakes”, Ms. Thu gave advice and hoped that the candidates would have exam with maximum score.

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