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“Which house is COLD but everyone wants to come?”

It is not difficult to find a program or contest about Vietnamese on television today. Even in real life, in the fun, Vietnamese quizzes often appear. Because these puzzles always have a certain attraction, besides, it also makes it difficult for many people who are good at Vietnamese, sometimes even giving up.

Especially with questions that just need to change a bit of the topic, it has become a difficult question. For example, with the brain hack question below:

Which house is cold but everyone wants to come?

Vietnamese quiz: Which house is COLD but everyone wants to come?  - The answer is too easy, but many people still have to say hello - Photo 1.

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When it comes to “cold”, everyone thinks of a place with low temperature, causing a feeling of cold due to the lack of warmth around. Perhaps many people will immediately think of Antarctica or the North Pole – where the average temperature falls between -56 degrees F (equivalent to -49 degrees C) and -20 degrees F (equivalent to -29 degrees C). .

However, this is a trick puzzle where the main data we need to look out for is the word “home”, so the other two choices are completely incorrect. Before this question, many people give up because they can’t think of such a house. Not letting the audience wait long, the program’s MC gave the answer that is: BANK

Bank in English is called “Bank” /bæηk/, in French it is “Banque” /bɑ̃k/, which is similar to the word BANG in Vietnamese. The word bank is rarely used recently, but basically, a bank or a bank is still a place everyone wants to go, not to transfer money, withdraw money, it is also for money-related purposes. , finance.

Because Vietnamese has a lot of words borrowed from foreign languages, with questions like these, we need to think and relate to things around us. Indeed the saying “Three storms are not equal to Vietnamese grammar” is not wrong at all!

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