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Not betraying the Party’s ideals

Having the last word before the court deliberation, Mr. Tat Thanh Cang always affirmed that he would not betray the Party’s ideals under any circumstances.

After 3 days of trial, on the afternoon of June 8, the appellate trial of former Standing Deputy Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee Tat Thanh Cang and his accomplices followed the appeal of 10 defendants and Sadeco Company (a subsidiary company) of Tan Thuan Industrial Development Company Limited (IPC) entered the deliberation session.

Having the last words before the court deliberations, Mr. Tat Thanh Cang expressed his thanks to the Senior People’s Procuracy in Ho Chi Minh City for taking note of the appeal and proposing extenuating circumstances for the jury to consider during the deliberation process. judgment.

Mr. Cang Chua said, during the working process, he always tried his best to perform the assigned tasks. For 20 years as a Party member, he himself always believes that he must fulfill the tasks assigned by the Party.

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Mr. Tat Thanh Cang

“The defendant always strives for the Party’s ideals, and under any circumstances, he never betrays the Party’s ideals. In the process of performing the task, not afraid of difficulties, not afraid of suffering to collectively solve political, socio-economic tasks and fulfill responsibilities to the people of the city.

The defendant always performed his duties for the stability and development of the city, the rich people and the strong country. Never dealt with anything that was for personal gain.

This case happened to be related to the defendant, but beyond the defendant’s thoughts and wishes, I hope the jury will pay attention, fully and objectively consider the defendant. Through this, the defendant wants to apologize to the family for affecting the family tradition,” Mr. Cang said bitterly.

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The defendants in court

Mr. Tat Thanh Cang also expressed his wish that civil servants, for conscience, responsibility and people’s sake, when presenting reports to authorities at all levels, they need to present them honestly, fully and objectively so that the leaders can give them information. make the right decision.

Having the last word, defendant Te Tri Dung (former General Director of IPC) and other accomplices and subordinates of Mr. Tat Thanh Cang also expressed their wish that the jury would consider reducing the defendants’ sentences so that the defendants could soon to take care of their parents and family.

According to the first-instance judgment, Mr. Tat Thanh Cang approved the issuance of 9 million shares of Sadeco to Nguyen Kim Company, ignoring the auction of the value of the shares. This coffee pen of Mr. Cang caused Sadeco to lose 1,103 billion VND.

Defendant Te Chi Dung took advantage of his position and power to approve and spend a lot of money from the reward fund for himself and other members of the Board of Directors for personal use in contravention of regulations. Defendant Dung appropriated over 1.7 billion VND.

Defendant Ho Thi Thanh Phuc followed the direction of Mr. Te Tri Dung, signed the reports and proposed reports to the Board of Members of IPC Company and the Board of Directors of Sadeco on increasing charter capital for the Company. Nguyen Kim Company and voted to approve the issuance of shares to Nguyen Kim Company without a public auction, without organizing price appraisal.

The jury will deliberate until 2pm on June 9 to pronounce the sentence.

Thanh Phuong

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