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Former President of Saigon Co.op Diep Dung was sentenced to 2 years in prison for appropriating secret documents

After a day of trial and deliberation, late at night on April 28, the People’s Court of Ho Chi Minh City sentenced former police officer Nguyen Hoai Bac (37 years old, former officer working at the Economic Security Department – City Public Security). .HCM), Le Thi Phuong Hong (42 years old, self-employed) and Diep Dung (53 years old, former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ho Chi Minh City Union of Commercial Cooperatives – Saigon Co.op).

Accordingly, the trial panel sentenced defendant Nguyen Hoai Bac to 5 years in prison; defendant Le Thi Phuong Hong 6 years in prison together for the crime of “Deliberately disclosing state secrets”; defendant Diep Dung 2 years in prison for “appropriating state secret documents”.

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The defendants in court

According to the prosecution, at the end of September 2020, the Investigation Security Agency – Ho Chi Minh City Police invited to work with Mr. Diep Dung on the violations that occurred at Saigon Co.op. During the struggle, Mr. Dung confessed that someone provided information during the process of checking and verifying the source of the denunciation of a crime occurring at Saigon Co.op.

From the testimony of Diep Dung, the Ho Chi Minh City Police worked with the officials participating in the investigation team to verify the wrongdoing case at Saigon Co.op. Defendant Nguyen Hoai Bac (member of the verification team) confessed to providing information about the verification process to Le Thi Phuong Hong (who lives as husband and wife with defendant Bac – PV).

Hong reported back to Mr. Diep Dung some of the information contained in the settlement progress report and the results of the verification process at Saigon Co.op, which is confidential information in accordance with the law.

Hong admitted that, around the beginning of September 2020, when Bac went to sleep at home, he brought a document showing the results of working with many people about violations at Saigon Co.op, including documents showing work results. with Mr. Diep Dung and Ms. Ho My Hoa (CFO of Saigon Co.op).

Ms. Hong viewed, photographed and recorded documents on verification results, collected documents and evidence, and oriented to work with relevant people when convened by the investigating agency. Then, Hong provided this information to Mr. Diep Dung.

On September 9, 2020, Hong and Mr. Diep Dung met to exchange information. On the evening of the same day, Mr. Diep Dung’s driver continued to meet Hong, giving an envelope with 100 million dong inside and a few small pieces of paper Mr. Dung wrote to ask her to pay attention to some other contents.

The police determined that in the documents Hong provided to Mr. Diep Dung, there were confidential documents, which were the initial results of the verification of the violations that occurred at Saigon Co.op.

During the investigation, Mr. Diep Dung always complained. Mr. Diep Dung affirmed that the defendant did not know who Le Thi Phuong Hong was, completely passive in her contact with her.

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