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LG Inverter refrigerator has a full discount in June, up to 11 million dong-Hi-tech Fashion

In June, the LG Inverter refrigerator line reduced prices by up to 29%, and there were many new products.

Every brand fridge each has its own advantages. While the refrigerator Samsung Bringing customized Bespoke cabinets, Aqua refrigerators hitting the popular segment with many mid-range products, LG also upgraded many high-end refrigerators.

LG Inverter refrigerator has a full discount in June, up to 11 million VND - 1

LG refrigerator.

In this 2022, the Vietnamese market also witnessed the arrival of many high-end LG Inveter refrigerators (priced from 21 million VND). Most of the new products have a luxurious Door in Door design, controlled from the outside – the advantage of LG refrigerators, with a large capacity (635 – 649 liters), for large families.

Also during this time, many LG refrigerators are being heavily discounted, from 9 to 29%, including in the low-cost, mid-range and high-end segments. The current most discounted product is the LG Inverter InstaView Door-in-Door 601 liter Refrigerator GR-X247MC, priced at VND 43.99 million (listed price is VND 54.99 million). This is a high-end refrigerator line, large capacity, suitable for families of more than 5 people.

LG Inverter refrigerator has a full discount in June, up to 11 million VND - 3

LG Inverter InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator 601 liters GR-X247MC.

The device is designed Side by side, easy to see inside, integrated with anti-bacterial and deodorizing technology with 5-layer Hygiene Fresh+ filter, Smart Diagnosis, built-in Wifi – Smart ThinQ,… for connection with other smart devices.

Price list of LG Inverter refrigerators in June:

ProductCapacityList price (VND)Special price (VND)

LG Inverter refrigerator GN-M255BL

255 liters

8,290,000 won

7,190,000 won

LG Inverter refrigerator GN-D255BL

255 liters

9,290,000 won

7,490,000 won

LG Inverter refrigerator GN-B422WB

393 liters

10,190,000 won

8,260,000 won

LG Inverter refrigerator GN-M312BL

315 Liters

11,990,000 VND

9,690,000 VND

LG Inverter refrigerator GN-M332BL

335 liters

13,990,000 VND

10,290,000 VND

LG Inverter refrigerator GN-D312BL

314 Liters

12,990,000 VND

10,690,000 VND

LG Inverter refrigerator GN-D332BL

334 liters

14,990,000 VND

11,290,000 won

LG Inverter refrigerator GR-D305MC

305 liters

16,190,000 won

11,390,000 VND

LG Inverter refrigerator GN-L422GB

393 liters

14,290,000 won

11,990,000 VND

LG Inverter refrigerator GN-D372BL

374 Liters

16,490,000 VND

12,990,000 VND

LG Inverter refrigerator GN-D372BLA

374 liters

18,990,000 VND14,990,000 VND

LG Inverter refrigerator GN-D392BLA

394 liters

19,490,000 VND

15,490,000 VND

LG Inverter Refrigerator GR-B247WB

613 liters

22,990,000 VND

19,690,000 won

LG Inverter Refrigerator GR-B257JDS

649 Liters

23,490,000 VND

19,990,000 VND

LG Inverter refrigerator GR-B257WB

649 Liters

25,490,000 VND

21,990,000 VND

LG Inverter refrigerator GR-D247JDS

601 liters

34,890,000 VND

30,180,000 won

LG Inverter Refrigerator GR-D257WB

635 Liters

35,990,000 VND

30,990,000 VND

LG Inverter refrigerator GR-D247MC

601 liters

40,990,000 won

32,990,000 VND

LG Inverter refrigerator GR-D257JS

635 Liters

38,990,000 VND

34,990,000 VND

LG Inverter refrigerator GR-D257MC

635 Liters

40,990,000 won

36,990,000 VND

LG Inverter refrigerator GR-D22MB

494 liters

44,990,000 VND

39,990,000 VND

LG Inverter InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator GR-X247MC

601 liters

54,990,000 VND

43,990,000 VND

LG Inverter InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator GR-X247JS

601 liters

52,390,000 VND

43,990,000 VND

LG Inverter refrigerator GR-X257JS

635 Liters

55,990,000 VND47,990,000 VND

LG Inverter refrigerator GR-X257MC

635 Liters

56,990,000 VND49,990,000 VND

LG Inverter Refrigerator GR-X22MB

496 liters

56,990,000 VND

49,990,000 VND

*Note: The price list was updated on 8/6.

According to Tran Vy (Vietnamese people)

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