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Ly Nhuoc Dong builds muscles at the age of 56

Hong Kong actor Ly Nhuoc Dong is likened to an athlete by the audience when he shows off his muscles at the age of 56.

Follow Sina, in recent months, Li Ruo Dong lives in mainland China, limiting going out due to the epidemic. Unable to go to the gym, she persisted in lifting weights, push-ups, sit-ups… in the hotel. On June 7, the beauty posted on her personal page a video of the results after a long time training abs, chest, shoulders and hips.

The muscles of Ly Nhuoc Dong age 56

Ly Nhuoc Dong shows off her body. Video: Douyin/Li Ruotong

Thousands of spectators said they were surprised with Ly Nhuoc Dong’s muscular body, like an athlete. Fans wrote: “She is no longer fragile and soft as before”, “The older Ly Nhuoc Dong is, the stronger and more active she is”… Many people said that she applied the exercises that Nhuoc Dong instructed. to have a toned body.

The muscles of Ly Nhuoc Dong age 56

Nhuoc Dong exercises weightlifting. Video: Douyin/Li Ruotong

At the age of fifties, Ly Nhuoc Dong is active in the entertainment industry, in addition to acting, she is expensive in advertising shows, livestream sales. Above On Last year, Nhuoc Dong said she always wanted to try new fields, not limiting herself to one job.

The beauty worked as a flight attendant before being discovered by an entertainment company, invited to act in an advertisement in 1990, and then joined the film industry. She is famous for The Great Hero Condor, Thien Long Bat Bo, Duong Mon female general, Wudang… In recent years, Nhuo Dong played Letting go of the world, Detective Great War, Tran Tinh Command

Beautiful scenes of Ly Nhuoc Dong in The Condor Heroes

Ly Nhuoc Dong in “The Condor Heroes”. Video: TVB

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