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Many doubts about the regulations on the term of the apartment

Recently, in the draft revised Housing Law, Ministry of Construction There has been a proposal to stipulate the term of apartment use only from 50 to 70 years instead of as long as before. This information has attracted the attention of people, especially those who already own or intend to own apartment.

Living in an apartment building and quite satisfied with the current living space, but the recent proposal of the Ministry of Construction makes MC – Actor Tuan Tu worry whether the new regulation on the common term will change ownership. with apartments with a long term like yours. Besides, there are also concerns about resettlement for people when the apartment’s useful life expires.

“Tu supports that to a certain extent when the State’s functional agencies can solve the process of what it will be like after 50 – 70 years. Granted me a 50 – 70 book but attached to it As priority is given to others, we are resettled there”, MC – Actor Tuan Tu said.

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Many concerns about the apartment age regulations. Illustration.

Nguyen Thanh Trung – Director of Suburban Resort Development Joint Stock Company – also emphasized the need for clear laws because of recent disputes. or delays in renovating old apartments also stem from the lack of legal bases.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Trung said: “There are issues that need to be clarified such as whether the apartments that have not been issued a book will now be issued a book or not, or whether the apartments that have been issued a book for a long time will follow the trend of new apartments or not. . If the old apartment building is issued with a long-term book, the new apartment is 50 years old, the new apartment will have a much lower price according to the market value assessment concept.”

“We know that, in principle, there is no retroactive law, so the new regulations will not apply to existing apartment buildings, but only to apartment projects. after the law takes effect…”, said Mr. Nguyen Manh Khoi – Deputy Director of the Housing and Real Estate Market Management Department, Ministry of Construction.

Although the management agency thinks that the apartment age regulation is an effective solution to lower the price of the apartment building, which is too high compared to the income of the majority of people or to deal with severely degraded apartments. important, but because it is a policy that affects many people, the pros and cons will certainly be carefully considered. If it is considered, approved, or applied, it will still take a long time because the amendment of the law cannot be overnight.

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