Sitting behind the wheel can cause “loss of balance” in men’s sexual relations

In recent years, Vietnam is famous for its impressive growth of the middle class, who are willing to pay a sizable sum of money for personal cars. The World Bank (WB) forecasts that by 2045, half of the population, or about 45 million people, will be in this group. That leads to an increase in demand for owning and using personal cars as means of transportation. According to the Vietnam Registry, by 2025, it is likely that our country will enter the phase of motorization with a density of 50 vehicles/1000 people or more.

Drive more, “soldier” less

The increase in the number of people owning cars means that there will be more people “sitting behind the wheel” to move to work, business, travel… According to many studies, driving for too long causes an adverse effect. adverse effects on male reproductive health. The cause is given largely from the heat of the engine and the sitting position puts pressure on the testicles, the part that produces sperm and testosterone for men.

Scientists from the University of Giessen (Germany) said that the optimal temperature for the testes to produce healthy sperm is 35-36 degrees Celsius. The longer you sit in the car or in hot and humid environments, the longer the sperm production. are further reduced in both quantity and quality. Besides, underactive testicles also affect the production of Testosterone because up to 95% of Testosterone is produced here. Since then, male physiology is “out of balance” with manifestations such as decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, body fatigue …

Enhance physiology as soon as… driving

To limit the negative effects of driving, experts encourage gentlemen to arrange rest time, avoid sitting in the car for too long, and use loose, airy clothing. During “rest” periods such as stopping at red lights or traffic jams, men can take advantage of Kegel exercises to help enhance reproductive function.

This is an exercise that strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and supports the genital organs, developed by doctor Arnold Kegel Henry in 1948. Until now, this is still a popular exercise because of its effectiveness, ease of use and can be used. practice at any time.

The pelvic floor muscles are located at the bottom of the pelvis and can be determined by stopping urination midway or holding on to the “sniff”. Doing either of these things, you can feel the small muscle below tighten, which is the pelvic floor muscle. Once determined, you can practice Kegel in a lying position to get used to, then do it anywhere whether driving or walking.

The practice technique is extremely simple, starting from contracting the pelvic floor muscles and holding for 3 seconds, then releasing for 3 seconds. That 6-second cycle counts as a set, so repeat the movement a few times in each exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. For the best results, focus on tightening only the pelvic floor muscles, without contracting the abdominal, thigh or buttocks muscles and combine breathing evenly, avoiding holding your breath.

The benefits of this exercise for men include: reduced erectile dysfunction, more orgasms, prolong the relationshipejaculate more and stronger… Performing Kegel exercises regularly is said to have positive effects after a few weeks to a few months.

Sitting behind the wheel can cause

When choosing the right solution, men will maintain their health and bravery in all “roads”.

Besides, men can use reputable supplements with clear origin, extracted from natural ingredients to promote the production of Testosterone in the body. In-depth molecular studies by American scientists show that the 3 essences of Eurycoma Longifolia, French sea pine and ocean oyster contained in Alipas Health Protection Food have a strong effect in promoting the process of metabolism. metabolism, increase endogenous Testosterone production, improve physiological and systemic health for men.

Moreover, French sea pine extract, when combined with L-Arginine (regarded as the “raw material” to help the body increase the production of Nitric Oxide) in Alipas This will cause the artery walls to dilate, creating conditions for blood to flow quickly to help the penis erect. If you consider Testosterone as a bullet, Nitric Oxide is the lubricating oil for the barrel of a gun for men to be ready to “fight” and affirm their performance.

Besides practicing with Kegel exercises, paying attention to rest or wearing cool clothes, this “from root to tip” solution is preferred by men because of its ease, fast effect and extremely safe. . For men who often drive long distances, using this product is also a smart choice to supplement Testosterone and valuable nutrients to maintain “erect” endurance and improve health.


Present in Vietnam market since 2010, Alipas health food is one of the first choice of men to protect general health and physiological life. Alipas inherits all the specific uses of Alipas Platinum Ginseng. Particularly, the main active ingredient content is Eurycoma Longifolia, which has been increased in concentration from 100 times to 200 times.

Alipas also adds French sea pine extract (combined with L-Arginine), which helps to increase Nitric Oxide naturally in the body, effectively and safely. From there, it solves erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, reduces libido, and at the same time reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and improves general health.

Alipas also has concentrated ocean oyster essence, which is a nutrient that supports the body to increase metabolism, contributing to stimulating the production of dopamine, which helps increase fullness and excitement for men.

Products are distributed by ECO Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company – No. 180 Truong Chinh Street, Khuong Thuong Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi City.

This SP is not a medicine and does not have the effect of replacing medicine


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