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Why do women often have an affair with their boss? This is the real reason-Young people

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 12:07 PM (GMT+7)

Wife dating with boss is a typical case of office adultery. Disclosure from the women who have been in a relationship with their boss.

Why do women often have an affair with their boss?  This is the real reason - 1

A beautiful employee, well-spoken and a dashing boss, being pushed into each other is inevitable. (Illustrated image)

Something as strong as office adultery Nowadays, like challenging people who are adventurous or clumsy, it doesn’t take 8 hours to do it, but only 15 minutes in the afternoon is enough to satisfy each other. Quick in a moment, but leaves an indelible impression. That is the attraction of afternoon adultery in the office.

A 33-year-old woman named Michelle told Women’s Health that, even though she knew her boss was a playboy, she still nodded to him because “he was too attractive”.

“My boss has a reputation for being a flirt. My whole agency rumored that he slept with at least 5 colleagues. I knew all of that and understood that this relationship was not going anywhere, but still committed. enter”she said.

Another woman, named Carrie, admitted she was caught up in a sneaky relationship at work, although she wasn’t ashamed of it. She said she had been with her boss for two years and it made her life “more interesting”.

Debbie, 31, said she went to bed to “revenge” her manager.

“I figured it would be nice to hang out with him and then dump him because he’s so sexy. Two weeks after deliberately luring him into an affair, I broke up and quit my job. always”, she says.

In fact, the daily contact with each other in the same working environment as their boss can sometimes be more than the amount of time spent with husband and children. In addition, the pressures of work and overlapping relationships at work inadvertently bring them closer together.

The attraction between the sexes will happen sooner or later. Especially between a beautiful employee, well-spoken and a dashing boss, being pushed into each other is inevitable.

Then, once your married life has a little trouble, and you are too familiar with each other’s looks and personalities, just a little bit is enough to make your wife feel boring. Meanwhile, the office is the best place for women to express their feelings.

As time went by, the more they confided and the feelings between them grew from time to time. Unknowingly, it sparked an abusive relationship between the boss and the employee.

Meanwhile, life is becoming more and more stable in material terms, the need for spiritual sharing is getting higher and higher. Human greed is bottomless. Once the love between husband and wife is no longer as passionate as before, it is an appropriate condition for them to find for themselves a new need outside. And inadvertently it was a development condition for office adultery between her and her boss to ascend the throne.

How to know if your wife is having an affair with her boss?

Through emails, work messages

Because bosses and employees often only talk to each other about work, it is likely that dating and sweet messages are also sent here. If in doubt, you can check her emails and texts to see what they’re talking about. However, you should also check your spam folder because it is possible that your wife, after reading it, has thrown it in the trash so that no one can see it.

Through his wife’s colleague

If his wife has an affair with her boss, then her colleagues in the same agency will be vaguely aware of it. You pretend to know them on facebook, then actively chat to get acquainted, find out news from them, so through the back and forth stories they will alert you if your wife has something unusual with her boss.

Please note that it is not recommended to text with female colleagues, but only ask male colleagues to avoid being misunderstood as flirting with them.

Through his wife’s work schedule

If the wife has an affair with the boss, then surely the two will often have work schedules together, even go separately to facilitate communication. That’s why when your wife goes on a business trip, you should ask her who you are going with, what to do, show interest, but don’t show that you are questioning. Then double check by asking a colleague, if it doesn’t match then she is definitely hiding something.

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