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New evidence of the ability of the earth to “reverse”

During the past decade, clear evidence of the magnetic North Pole’s movement – the North Pole has indeed “drifted” closer to the shores of Siberia – Russia instead of Canada as before – has raised two doubts The planet’s magnetic poles will soon swap places.

For several years now, a weak spot in the magnetic field called the South Atlantic Anomaly has continued to appear, adding to the warning of an impending “reverse” earth.

New evidence of the possibility of the earth turning upside down - Photo 1.

Earth and the Invisible Magnetic Armor – Graphic image from ESA

This is cause for concern because even though our planet has reversed many times, such an event in the present could destroy navigation systems, telecommunications, and cause humanity and All species suffer a period more heavily affected by radiation The universe.

Since the magnetosphere will weaken during the inversion, the magnetosphere is the shell that protects the earth from harmful radiation.

However, researchers from Lund University – Sweden and Oregon State University – USA do not think that disaster will happen anytime soon. They performed an investigation modeling the planet’s magnetic field in the recent past and discovered that some of the anxiety-inducing things will soon disappear.

“Based on similarities with the reconstructed anomalies, we predict that the South Atlantic Anomaly will probably disappear within the next 300 years, and that the earth is not headed for a magnetic pole reversal.” – Science Alert quotes geologist Andreas Nilsson, lead author of the study.

This reversal of poles is bound to happen, and has happened hundreds of times in the history of the planet, but won’t happen at least not for our generation and a few generations to come.

It used to be more frequent, but the researchers found that unlike in the past, Earth’s magnetosphere is no longer as active as before, so “rebellious” events may not be so frequent.

Earth’s magnetic polarity reversals are all recorded in the paleomagnetic data of the rocks, because when the magnetic pole changes, so do the microcrystals with magnetism. Crystals in clay are similarly affected, so researchers can also rely on ancient ceramics to study magnetic field fluctuations.

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