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Olaf Season 7 User Guide

The Teamfight Tactics season 7 has been out for a while, including on the PBE test server. And on June 9 (Vietnam time), the new season of this game mode has officially come to the gaming community. Almost not too much has changed compared to when it appeared on the PBE server and the community also had a more complete overview of the new season called Dragon World.

Teamfight Tactics: Instructions for using the Olaf squad season 7 - Photo 1.

Teamfight Tactics season 7 has been officially released

Among these, the lineup around general Olaf is very popular because it meets the “delicious – nutritious – cheap” criteria of the gaming community. And it can be said, with only this 3 gold general, even the names with more money and higher levels will have to hesitate.

Teamfight Tactics: Instructions for using the Olaf squad season 7 - Photo 2.

Olaf – the general is proving to be very strong in season 7 thanks to his comprehensive attack and defense ability

Overview and how it works

The roster around Olaf basically doesn’t have to try to roll to high levels and doesn’t depend on new 8 – 10 gold champions to be released. However, because it is a 3-gold general, the equipment as well as the Tech Core for this squad must be as standard as possible. In addition, players will need to roll properly to get Olaf to the highest level possible as soon as possible.

In the early game, if you are lucky to have Olaf early, you need to quickly build a squad. If not, you may need to balance between tank and damage champions, avoiding useless blood loss at this stage. Because, when other players have strong champions at the end of the game, the game will be very unpredictable.

Teamfight Tactics: Instructions for using the Olaf squad season 7 - Photo 3.

Early game lineup if Olaf is available soon

In the middle of the game, if you want to play Olaf, you need to have at least 2 2-star Olaf between the middle of round 3 and the middle of round 4. If you feel that you can’t get Olaf to 3 stars before going to the final Core selection round, so you should quickly rotate the cards. It is also necessary to observe the equipment to consider changing the squad accordingly.

Teamfight Tactics: Instructions for using Olaf season 7 - Photo 4.

At the end of the game, the best Olaf lineup will have 2 main priority systems: Cuong Long – Warrior. The other generals also need to be flexible, but with Olaf being able to partially take the tanker position, the focus should be on shock damage and control. The squad at level 8 should be: Olaf (3 stars) – Xayah – Hecarim – Shen – Thresh – Diana – Pyke – Nunu & Willump.

Teamfight Tactics: Instructions for using the season 7 Olaf squad - Photo 5.

Final game lineup complete and Olaf gets 3 stars + standard items

Strengths and Weaknesses

The strength of this squad is that players will be able to build a squad early and reach the threshold of strength early. The squad also does not depend on expensive champions and is quite easy to upgrade. In addition, Olaf’s dashing ability will help players optimize a champion position that is intended for tankers.

However, the biggest weakness of this squad is the right equipment to maximize Olaf’s effectiveness. The second is to upgrade this champion to 3 stars to be effective at the end of the game. In addition, this lineup is proving to be quite effective, so it is easy to compete in the rank matches of the new season.

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