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U23 Vietnam Very good, but still not perfect

U23 Vietnam is making fans ecstatic with its performance in the 2022 AFC U23 Championship, but as coach Gong Oh Kyun says, everything is still ahead so we are not in a hurry to celebrate.

1. Before entering the finals U23 Asiathe change of generals and the previous somewhat unconvincing performance at the 31st SEA Games made few people think U23 Vietnam can play well and win the right to the quarter-finals of the continental tournament for the 3rd time in a row.

However, by the talent of Coach Gong Oh KyunU23 Vietnam played very well against opponents in the same group and won tickets to the quarterfinals in a very worthy way with 3 unbeaten matches.

Not only impressed with the achievements, convincing performances, new features of U23 Vietnam’s gameplay, even the use of troops under the new captain Gong Oh Kyun are making fans ecstatic and full of confidence. into the future.

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U23 Vietnam flies high

2. Basically, what U23 Vietnam The performance so far is convincing compared to initial expectations. However, in football there is no limit to being completely satisfied and neither is the coach Gong Oh Kyun and the home team.

U23 Vietnam played well, especially the attack shot very evenly in the last 3 matches. And the number of goals that coach Gong Oh Kyun’s students scored was almost equal to that of U23 Vietnam at SEA Games 31, although the match was less than half.

But this is also what the Korean strategist or the U23 Vietnamese players themselves are not satisfied with when in fact they have not yet reached their highest performance and missed too many delicious opportunities in recent matches. via.

For example, in the victory of U23 Malaysia, with 45 minutes of play, the Vietnamese U23 completely mastered the match and launched up to 21 shots, but only hit the target 6 times, for example.

This is clearly something that U23 Vietnam or coach Gong Oh Kyun cannot be satisfied with, although everything so far has been almost perfect from the gameplay, the results…

3. Saying the things that are not okay above is not to criticize Vietnam U23, especially when coach Gong Oh Kyun has just received the team in a very short time, so it is very difficult to require a complete makeover.

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But with Coach Gong Oh Kyun, it’s still not perfect to be happy

But, football is a game of movement both figuratively and literally. That is, if you are satisfied with your current results, it will be difficult to progress or exceed the threshold compared to yourself.

Despite helping Vietnam U23 enter the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup, coach Gong Oh Kyun himself is still not satisfied with himself or the home team through his statements in the past 3 matches.

Obviously, U23 Vietnam still has potential for further development, the Korean captain said: “We are not celebrating yet, because there are still games ahead…”

What Mr. Gong said further confirmed that U23 Vietnam is still not perfect. But, the confidence of the Korean strategist is also the basis for fans of a different and better Vietnam U23 in the near future.

Video U23 Vietnam 2-0 U23 Malaysia:

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