Nutifood subsidizes 40% – join hands with Vietnamese mothers to take care of enough milk for their children

More than 2 years of being heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, the lives of many Vietnamese families have fallen short before and after, not only during the period of isolation but even in the “new period of living with the epidemic”. “. Reduced income and increased costs have forced many housewives to cut spending, … Read more

“Discover the potential in your child” – the key to help your child succeed

Today, raising children is always a topic that many parents seek. This is a long journey that requires the understanding and patience of both parents because family plays a very important role for children. Besides physical development, we need to pay attention to building positive mental values ​​for our children. With each passing day, children … Read more

Viet Huong works hard for charity and business… her daughter attends school half a billion/year, 12 years old is taller than her mother

As a famous comedian of Vietnamese showbiz, Viet Huong rarely shares her personal life with the media and fans. She kept all information about her biological daughter secret so that she could grow up normally like her peers. In recent years, Viet Huong has revealed more about her daughter Elyza and surprised the public. Because … Read more

Vbiz kids have a talent for laughter since childhood, their mother is beautiful, but she likes to be a comedian

It can be said that the recent “emerging” children of Vietnamese showbiz are often very prominent, not only because of their pretty and cute appearance but also with extremely funny expressions. Although only a few months old, these children have shown typical qualities of a person with artistic blood. In the future, Vietnamese showbiz will … Read more