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Incense stick, the disciple fell into the trap of a feng shui master

Traps for “feng shui masters”

On March 12, information from the Vinh Phuc Provincial Police said that Ms. T. (Nguyet Duc commune, Yen Lac district), through social networks Zalo found out “a feng shui master named “Nguyen Thanh”. At the beginning of the new year, Ms. T went to social networks to ask her teacher to check her luck. Seeing that her teacher was right about what that happens in life, Ms. T is very confident.

According to Ms. T, one day, Mr. Thanh said that he worked as a team leader for the prestigious financial investment floor, named “Financial Investments 7.0”, it took a long time to invite him to join to gain experience .economics, from which, can do a lot of effective work, helping difficult situations.

“Believe Mr Thanh’s words, I have borrowed from friends and family members to invest. With an initial investment of 10 million dong, an interest rate of 12%/day, in the early days, I was able to withdraw interest, I quickly deposited more money. Next, the “feng shui master” said, in the month I have a lot of money, he advised me to make a big investment, so I invested 200 million VND” – Ms. T recounted.

But one day in early February, while ordering to withdraw profits, Ms. T. struggled for hours, many times but couldn’t withdraw the money. Contact with the “feng shui master” lost touch. At this time, Ms. Q. knows that he has been cheated and lost the investment amount.

According to our research, on social networking forums, especially Facebook, it is easy to receive information from accounts claiming to be “feng shui experts” who post news and articles such as: Age of Goat Tan 91, Ky Ty 89, Quy Dau 93, Giap Tuat 94.. . is a very beautiful age to invest in this month, double your account.

Securities financing, shareholder cooperation, land purchase and sale”; “In 3 days, one will bring 100 million VND to give to age group “And – Monkey – Snake – Pig – Rat – Horse – Rabbit – Chicken – Skinny”… to attract high profit “cake” easily, lure prey to approach, make unscrupulous financial investments into suitable properties.

At present, many people in Vinh Phuc province believe in “feng shui experts” to invest in financial exchanges, then “fall into the trap” of fraud. Many cases because of hearing and believing, but do not understand clearly what they are investing to get a profit, the legality of financial exchanges that invest …

Just looking at the deposit, every day, the account is added from 10 to 20% of the interest. With the mentality of “no need to do anything, just put down the money”, greedy for words, so many “incense and disciples” put in money and work hard to worship and worship, the money will increase 3-4 times.

The authorities said that, “seeing the sweet “cake”, many people have entered the red book, borrowed money from the “black credit” at exorbitant interest rates, borrowed from friends and relatives in the amount of up to billions of dong to invest in virtual currency products. .

When they can’t withdraw interest, are asked to pay money to open an account many times and can’t contact the “feng shui master”, “incense and disciple” know that they have fallen into a scam and lost all their money. trees and flowers…”

Warning from the experts

Major Nguyen Viet Hung, Captain of the Serious Crimes Team, Criminal Police Department (Vinh Phuc Provincial Police), said, “Currently, fraudsters who confiscate their property take various forms and with very clever tricks. Because.

In particular, new tricks to seduce and lure victims, objects to play the role of “feng shui master” to hit psychology at the beginning of the year, many people “believe” in feng shui, spirituality or see luck. then write the deception to the appropriate property. They take advantage of the gullibility and gullibility of people to entice participants to participate in the “ghost” virtual currency exchange for illegal profit.

Before committing fraud, they carefully study everyone’s personal information, then create scripts to touch people’s hearts,” Major Hung warned.

A common trick of the “floor” of fraud is that when “collecting” a large number, the floor will collapse, erasing all traces … It is important to carefully study the legal information of the organization and exchange.

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