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The woman accused her neighbor of secretly filming her bathing in a hot tub

According to The Sun, a woman named Tamara Robinson (27 years old) shared her woeful story to ask for everyone’s advice because she herself… ran out of ways. The mother-of-one, from Risca, South Wales (United Kingdom), said she discovered the suspicious thing in May 2021 when her new neighbor, Grandin, 28, moved into the house right away. next to my house.

Specifically, while bathing in a hot tub, Tamara accidentally looked out the neighbor’s window and discovered that a camera was pointed directly at her. Tamara “confidently” thought that he was secretly filmed in the shower, because the other side was the neighbor’s bedroom, there was no reason why he had to install a camera to look outside like that.

Naked sitting at the bathtub saw

Tamara’s garden, where she placed a hot tub.

The woman chose to have a decent conversation with the guy next door, suggesting that the camera be removed, but Grandin insisted he had no idea Tamara had a hot tub there and also insisted that the camera was used because security reasons.

Tamara told The Sun Online: “That camera is always pointed directly at my garden. It’s not a fixed camera. Right now, it’s still in his bedroom window and he can move it around as he pleases. “Sometimes it looks straight at my window, sometimes it looks down at the garden. I don’t know why, I just find it really scary.”

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The camera pointed straight from the neighbor’s bedroom window down to Tamara’s garden.

Tamara has lived in this house since she was a child. She said she often uses the hot tub and enjoys in the garden “whenever possible”.

But since Grandin moved in, she has been terrified of letting her 3-year-old daughter play outside.

“I don’t let her play alone in the garden and we haven’t used the hot tub in over a year,” the angry mother explained. “I won’t go in there and I don’t dare give my baby a bath there. It’s really uncomfortable.”

Naked sitting at the bathtub saw

Tamara is very worried about her 3-year-old daughter.

After unsuccessfully persuading the neighbor, Tamara reported the incident to the police. She said: “When the police came to check, they confirmed that he could see my garden from that camera. I told him many times that I don’t want him to. Just move. If that camera goes away, everything will be resolved, but he refuses.”

When asked about the cameras at his home, Grandin said: “It’s a motion-tracking camera to keep anyone out of my garden – it’s not aimed at Tamara’s garden. She called the police here so many times but they didn’t do anything because I didn’t do anything. wrong”.

A spokesman for Gwent Police said: “We are aware of a dispute between two neighbors at two properties located on Manor Way, Risca. However, we have not been able to determine the conduct of the crime. offense”.

Currently, the two sides are still in conflict and think that it is their own privacy.

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