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Russia posts video of ISS space station “splitting in half”, officials clapping loudly: Implicit threat?

Russia posted a video about the ISS

The head of Russia’s space agency Roscosmos warned that Western sanctions against Russia could lead to the International Space Station (ISS) being shut down.

Dmitry Rogozin deemed the sanctions “illegal” and said the operation of Russian ships serving the ISS could be disrupted. He warned that segments of the Russian ISS – which help regulate the ISS’ orbit – could collide, causing the structure to “fall into the sea or land”.

Rogozin also noted that the ISS was unlikely to hit Russia. “But people from other countries have to think about the cost of sanctions against Roscosmos.”

“The costs of international space cooperation are being undermined by the West. This is crazy,” she says.

The ISS is currently piloted by Russian, American and German crews, but due to rising tensions between Moscow and its allies in the international space, several major missions are currently on hold due to the sudden conflict.

Earlier this week, Roscosmos posted a “funny” video showing astronauts bidding farewell to US astronaut Mark Vande Hei, and separating the Russian segment from the ISS space station.

The video is said to be threatening because astronaut Vande Hei is scheduled to return to Earth with two astronauts aboard Russia’s Soyuz spacecraft on March 30, raising concerns that Russia is intent on abandoning these astronauts.

ISS space station video posted by Russia.

Rogozin also shared a video showing British and US flags being ejected from a Soyuz rocket, while technicians pasted a ‘Z’ sign before launching the device.

Veteran US astronaut Scott Kelly said that without international cooperation Roscosmos would not exist and suggested Mr Rogozin to get a job at McDonalds.

Kelly later told ABC News: “I never thought I would hear something so outrageous.”

“I was furious when Roscosmos said they were leaving Fortress American cabin crew.”

Rogozin responded by calling Kelly “stupid” and warning that if Russia pulled out of the program, the ISS could hit Europe or the US. He told Mr Kelly that “the death of the ISS will depend on your conscience”.

While the US was responsible for powering the ISS, it was the Russian computers keeping the station in orbit, and after sanctions were announced in February, Mr. Drop “on the space station to India and China.

“The ISS doesn’t fly over Russia, so all the risk is in other countries. Are you ready for that?”she says.

A NASA spokesman said the agency was continuing to work “with all international partners, including the state space company Roscosmos”, and said astronaut Vande Hei was expected to return with cosmonauts Pyotr Dubrov and Anton Shkaplerov later this month.

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