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A woman looks for 2 stepchildren for her amorous husband

Romance husband with many wives, 14 children

Talking about her husband, Pak Tieu, Ibu Sau Hong (70 years old, now living in Ba Ria – Vung Tau city) commented that her husband is handsome, stylish, quiet but only smiles and many women fall. Until now Pak Tieu is 85 years old but still very neat, walking on the street is a shirt, hat and neat hair. For nearly 50 years as Mr. Tieu, Ms. Hong had never seen him careless.

Madam Sau Hong is Master Tieu’s fourth wife, but the only one to marry and marry. The previous three wives had just moved in. In addition, Mr. Tieu also has his own child with 2 other women. As for the other relationship, Madam Sau Hong smiled and said: “Not telling everything“.

Including his two stepsons, Pak Tieu has a total of 14 children. At this time, his first three wives also died.

A woman who is looking for two stepchildren for her loving husband in tears speaks of terrible worries - Photo 1.

Sau Hong went to find 2 children for her husband.

But the past story has ended, now that Mr. Tieu is approaching the age of heaven and earth, he also wants to meet his two stepson. Therefore, Mrs. Sau Hong went to find her children to help her husband. She herself loves her husband’s stepson because for years they have had to live a life without a father’s love, not knowing who their father is, not knowing where they came from.

So scared of not knowing how to love each other again in the next life

About the first stepdaughter, Mrs. Sau Hong said that between 1962 and 1963, Pak Tieu had a relationship with a woman named Volunteer (now about 76 years old) who worked as a tailor. The two fell in love and gave birth to a son named Dung (born 1963).

However, when she heard that Mr. Tieu lived with his second wife, the woman named V did not accept it and left. Later, Master Tieu once met Dung when he was very young, but then lost touch.

Mrs. Sau Hong heard that Mrs. V. and Mr. Dung also lived in Vung Tau but did not know exactly where to look.

The woman, looking for two stepchildren for her amorous husband, burst into tears talking about terrible worries - Photo 2.

She sheds tears when she mentions her husband’s stepchildren, pitying them for their lack of paternal love.

The woman, looking for two stepchildren for her amorous husband, cries talking about terrible worries - Photo 3.

She hopes that her husband and stepson can reunite.

Until around 1973 – 1974, Mr. Tieu continued to have a love affair with another woman, also a tailor, Mrs. NTA (from Vinh Long). The two met in Saigon and then Mrs. A. pregnant. Not long after, Ms. A also knows that Mr. Tieu has been legally married to Ms. Hong, so she hugged her pregnant belly and left. Mrs. Sau Hong heard that Mrs. A gave birth to a daughter, born in 1973 or 1974.

I see my husband as a heartless person. He is 17 years older than me, my parents used to disapprove, my father even beat and cut my hair. I was so embarrassed that I followed him. When I first married him, I was very jealous, breaking the house and breaking doors all the time, but then I realized that it would only ruin my house. My husband counted it and couldn’t change it.

Mr. Tieu has been unemployed for 40 years now, I take care of all the economy at home. In the past, it was very difficult, but now that the children have grown up, it helps.

The woman, looking for two stepchildren for her amorous husband, burst into tears talking about terrible worries - Photo 4.

When her husband’s previous wives were alive, she still visited frequently. When they died, he took care of the funeral.

Previously, when the sisters (Mr. Tieu’s previous wife) were sick, I came to see them. When my sister died, I also came back to take care of their funeral. People keep talking about me, but I say that husband and wife who stay together for a day are also husband and wife. He stayed with me, worried not about me financially, but mentally. Nobody cares about anything else.” Sau Hong added.

He hoped that if the women from Mr. Tieu before were still alive, or if his stepdaughter found out, contact him to return to accept their father. She hopes her husband and children can be reunited. Moreover, in his heart there was also a fear, that it would be very complicated if the next generation had the same bloodline but didn’t know it and loved each other.

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