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Russia first officially launched its newly launched missile into war in Ukraine for the first time

Russia launches Buk-M3 “killer” to join the war in Ukraine

Russian media recently released a series of videos showing Russian troops rushing forward on all fronts.

To cover the head to protect motorized infantry units including troop carriers, tanks, armored vehicles, self-propelled artillery, multiple rocket launchers, logistics convoys, command and control centers, the Russian Army has sent accompanying anti-aircraft missile systems.

While the S-300 and S-400 long-range air defense missile systems stand in the “home yard” ready to fire at air targets deep in the interior of Ukraine, the long-range air defense missiles are complex medium and short-range maneuvers. close to deep thrust, ready to destroy enemy helicopters, fighter planes and UAVs of all kinds.

If previously we only saw the Pantsir-S1 air defense complex, Osa, Buk-M1/2, now Russia has added the Buk-M3 painted with the Z character to Ukraine to participate in the war.

This is a new air defense missile complex, just released, has amazing features. The Russian Army has also recently begun to receive a small number of Buk-M3s and put them in combat readiness.

HOT: Russia first officially launches its newly launched missile into the war in Ukraine - Photo 2.

Nuk-M3 air defense missile complex.

Special features of the Buk-M3 . missile

First, Perfectly inheriting the outstanding tactical characteristics of the Buk-M2, the missile has demonstrated excellent combat performance through test fire on the hot Syrian battlefield. As noted above, during the first real-time practice with live ammunition, the Buk-M3 also demonstrated its outstanding qualities.

Second, The Buk-M3 missile with a range of 70 km is the perfect component for Russia’s air defense network, combined with the S-300, S-400 and other new air defense missile complexes such as the S-350 Vytiaz or S-400 will create a powerful anti-aircraft fire network. dense, layered, layered, enough to defeat the enemy’s massive air raid.

The Buk-M3 is suitable for the role of an independent air defense complex, which is tasked with protecting an area with a radius of 70 km on flat terrain. Thanks to that, the Buk-M2E will increase its ability to cover medium and long ranges.

Tuesday, The Buk-M3 is capable of destroying common targets such as tactical aircraft, strategic aircraft, armed helicopters, cruise missiles, tactical ballistic missiles, aviation missiles, rocket artillery shells, bombs, etc. as well as types of ground and surface targets with radar reflectivity.

The Buk-M3 proved to be superior to its predecessor (Buk-M2) as its range was increased by 25%, all 9M317M missiles were housed in launch tubes as well as storage tubes to help extend combat readiness time.15 years without routine maintenance .

At the same time, each of the self-propelled launchers as well as launchers and ammunition refueling vehicles can carry more missiles than the Buk-M2 version.

In addition, each self-propelled launcher has the capability to carry out combat missions independently without the need for circular vision radars, central command vehicles and irradiation radars.

HOT: Russia first officially launches its newly launched missile into the war in Ukraine - Photo 4.

Russia has put the Buk-M3 missile into combat readiness training.

The Buk-M3 rocket battery (self-propelled launcher) consists of 4 people and must be interchangeable. In combat, anything can happen, and in extreme situations even a soldier can launch an effective missile.

The complex can track 36 targets at the same time, destroying targets flying at a maximum speed of 3,000 m / s, at a distance of up to 2.5-70km and an altitude of 15m to 35km, with the possibility of lowering the target. reached 99%, much higher than the S-300 missile complex.

The Buk-M3 is not only a “killer UAV” but also has the ability to destroy stealth aircraft at a range of up to 40km, tactical ballistic missiles at a distance of 25km. These are the three types of goals that any country’s air defense should prioritize for investing in specialized weapons.

Ukrainian UAVs in recent days have performed reconnaissance and strike drills against motorized convoys, troop concentration points and command posts quite well, causing a lot of losses to Russia, but now, the appearance of the Buk-M3 This will probably put Ukrainian UAVs in great trouble. .

This missile system is designed for combat missions in conditions of strong electronic suppression, in which future conflicts will occur. The dual-channel thermal imaging viewfinder block and television optics allow the launch vehicle to independently counter air defenses in conditions of darkness, complex meteorology, and strong electronic suppression by the enemy.

In the video below, it can be seen that the Buk-M3 Z-painted anti-aircraft missile complex operating in Ukraine is a tracked version, with high cross-country capability, suitable for combat in high-altitude areas or without traffic infrastructure. , able to counterbalance mechanical attacks.

Russia sends Buk-M3 anti-aircraft missiles to fight in Ukraine


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